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About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and its second-most populous city. It is situated on a T-shaped island in the Persian Gulf. It is counted among the most prosperous cities in the world and has a majestic skyline and shopping megacenters. Numerous high-rise buildings, international hotel chains, grand malls, orderly and clean streets and large parks and gardens that are present in the city makes it one of the world’s most modern cities. It attracts innumerable tourists from all around to year who come here to experience the city’s luxurious and opulent lifestyle.

Things to keep in mind:

Crime is almost rare, if not non-existent in Abu Dhabi, as the city is heavily guarded by policemen. However, basic safety precautions such as not leaving bags unattended and carrying only essential items should be taken. Apart from that, being a Muslim city, Abu Dhabi has some customs and traditions that need to be respected and rules that need to be followed. Women are supposed to dress modestly in public places, and not show off too much skin. Public displays of affection are an absolute no-no, as they are frowned upon in their culture. Women are supposed to cover their heads while visiting religious places. Consumption of alcohol in public is illegal and being drunk in public places may land one behind the bars.


Abu Dhabi has a wide variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, Thai and many more to appease all tastes and palates. Fast food chains are abundant here, and offer meals at inexpensive rates. Indian restaurants at Abu Dhabi are relatively cheap, and restaurants and fast food chains offer delivery to almost every part of the city. There are various options available for vegetarians too, given the large number of Indian restaurants that offer pure-veg full-course meals. During Ramadan a majority of restaurants are shut down, hence options are limited. Alcoholic beverages are only available at the hotel restaurants, bars and pubs.

Local Culture:

One of the most popular attractions in Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is the 6th largest mosque in the world. It’s striking architecture and religious value draws thousands of people here every day. The Corniche is Abu Dhabi’s scenic waterfront that stretches out for 6 km. The sandy beach is a popular spot for walking, go-cart riding and often various events take place there too. The Khalifa Park is also a great option for nature lovers, with its gardens, playgrounds and its own aquarium and museum. Desert safaris in SUV’s, and camel rides are some of the more popular tourist attractions, with the vast horizon stretched out in front of you and miles and miles of sand all around you.


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  • Weather at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates isClear


  • Temprature at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is 27.0


  • Humidity at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is 51%


  • Wind speed at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is From the SSE at 12 MPH

    From the SSE at 12 MPH

  • Altitude ofAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in mtr.


  • Nearest airport is Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (AUH-Abu Dhabi Intl.)

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (AUH-Abu Dhabi Intl.)

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