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7842 USD
Trip Expense Estimate from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America to Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America

Considers return Flight cost, two meals per day and Hotel on twin sharing basis for all persons in the Total.


Stay for 1 at 5 Hotel
Approx USD 6881
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  1 Route choices available for Honolulu  click on it to view the details

Total Travel Time: 11 Hours, 9 Minutes

Total Travel Distance: 669 km

  • from U.S. Bank Stadium Station to Terminal 1 Lindbergh Station
  • from MSP to HNL
  • from Airport Upper Level to S King St + Alakea St


Dining  EstimateLunch & Dinner for 7 Days at EatoutApprox  USD 112
Dining  EstimateLunch & Dinner for 7 Days at Restaurant Approx  USD 210
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Hostel etc5 Star

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