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About 'Where to Holiday in a Budget' Finder

World's first Holiday in a Budget lets you find Travel Destination meeting your Travel Budget, offers which all Tourist places you can Travel in a given budget, lets you decide between various destination in your mind, based on the expense expected to incur.

As you enter your Budget in Vacation Cost Estimator lets you find which all Destination can be covered by Family either Local or Overseas.

The budget considered is total travel cost for all the person.

The Where in Budget calculator lets you find the travel destinations meeting your Travel Budget, it offers which all touristic places you can visit in a given budget.

In addition, it lets you decide between various destination in your mind, based on the expense expected to incur.

The calculator provides you with many options in places that comes under your budget.

You need to select the hotel type; that is the kind of accommodation you want to reside in (luxury or economical), the city you will start your journey from, the no. of people accompanying you and your average budget.

As you enter these details, the calculator will come up with the places that fit in with your budget and requirements. If you find that the calculator has increased your budget that means that the calculator could not find any destination to meet your requirements and will show you the next best and feasible alternative.

Also note that in case of flights and hotels, the calculator doesn't consider the peak time price increase, these are the average Hotel cost and Flight cost results, considering a few months advance Booking price.

Destination photograph from Wikimedia Commons, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license.

More on 'Where to Holiday in a Budget' Finder

Based on your Travel Budget input, person count, Hotel Category Bugyal finds which all Destinations fit in this Budget for the matching Hotel Category, the result sums up cost of Stay and Travel via Flight, it doesn't consider Travel via other modes.

In case Bugyal is unable to find the results for the Travel Budget entered, it tries to find by increasing the Budget. The reason for not able to find results also depends on Hotel choice and person count. If the person count is more, the Budget will be too less for any results to return, thus it finds by increasing the Travel Budget.

As these results are from Historical data so this doesn't consider the peak time price increase, these are average Hotel cost and Fight cost results, considers a few months advance Booking price.

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