Find where you get Steps !

'Steps' are your Rewards that you gain on almost each action that you do in Bugyal, from Planning to Sharing to Asking. Use these Steps when you book a Hotel in Bugyal. Of course best Price is our guarantee.

Been Place Rewards
Create a 'Been Place'
Share your Past Trip with Friends, Create
Been Place Rewards
Like a Friend's Been Place
As you like a Friend's Been Place you go steps closer to your Trip, Explore
Been Place Rewards
Share a 'Been Place'
Let your Friends in Social Media know about your Trip with Usable Plan, Share
Been Place Rewards
Friend uses your 'Been Place'
As your Friend uses your Trip Memoir, there's one more reason to be happy, Create
Create a Trip Plan Rewards
Create a Trip Plan
As you plan your Trip, takes you few 'Steps' closer to your Trip, Create
Share a Trip Plan Rewards
Share a Trip Plan
Make your Friends aware about your upcoming Plan, maybe some of them will join you, Share
Trip Plan Liked Rewards
Trip Plan Liked
As your Friend like your Trip Plan, you are more 'Steps' closer to your Trip, View
Plan used by Friend Rewards
Plan used by Friend
Get rewarded, as your Friends use your Plan , View
Select a Dream Destination Rewards
Select a Dream Destination
Get rewarded, as you choose a Dream Destination for later years, Create
Share your Dream Destination Rewards
Share your Dream Destination
Let your Friends be aware about Dream Destination in Social Media, you never know, some of them may join you, Share
Like on Dream Destination Rewards
Like on Dream Destination
Get Rewarded, as your Friends like your Destination you wish for, Create
Ask a Question Rewards
Ask a Question
Seek information from Friends who are aware about the Destination, Ask
Answer a Question Rewards
Answer a Question
Answered a Query about the Destination you are aware about? Good Job, get Rewarded too, Go
Your Answer voted Rewards
Your Answer voted
As your Answer is voted by Friends/ Fellow Traveler, feel elated, get Rewarded too, View