I will be visiting

I will be visiting Jaipur soon, and I wish to visit some parks where I can relax and destress. Can you please provide some recommendations?

Vipul asked on 2017-05-02

4 Answer(s)

Jaipur is the largest city of rajasthan .it was founded by jai singh who was the ruler of amer.This city is the tenth most populated city in the country.Most the buildings in Jaipur are of pink colour so this city is also known as pink city.It forms a west golden triangle tourist circuit along with delhi and agra. It is regarded as the gateway to the tourist destinations in rajasthan.It has two important UNESCO wold heritage sites- jantar mantar , amer fort. Some of the parks which you could visit in Jaipur are - 1-jawahar cirlcle 2-kanak vindavan 3-ram nivas garden 4-sisodiyan rani bagh 5-Vidhyadhar garden 6-central park 7- deer park 8-jhalana safari park etc... These are the parks where one can go with your loved ones or family and spend few hours or whole day with amazing feeling.

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Some of the parks you can visit are as follows:- 1. Jawahar circle 2.

Kanak Vindavan 3. Ram nivas Garden 4.

Sisodiya rani bagh 5. Vidhyadhar garden 6. Central park Enjoy greenery and well managed parks in Jaipur. Enjoy royal like parks of jaipur. Relax and enjoy the peace in parks.

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Some parks where you can relax and distress include: 1.Kanak Vrindavan Park- an exotic place in the dessert lands of Jipur adjoining the Ambar fort to Jaipur Ambar road. It is situated in the bottom hills of Nahargarh fort. It is a perfect place for weary visitors for sitting and enjoying nature.

The garden comprises of a series of fountains and intricate marble decorations. It is a divine green oasis that flourishes in a bare land. 2.Central Park - Situated in the heart of the city, as centrally located can be accessed easily by many people, the track is of around 4 km and there are 6-7 entrance gates and ample of parking space on each side.

3.Jhalana Safari Park - Jhalana Safari Park is the best place to Witness and Leopards and many other Wild Animals.It's a fantastic place away from the City. Enjoy a day from the hustle bustle and evidence the wildlife.

You can see Leopards, Hyena, Blue Bull, Deer, Peacocks, Monkeys, and many other creatures. 4.Shaheed bhagat Singh park - it is situated between the thickly populated area of Raja park and Adarsh Nagar. A lot of people use it daily for morning walk and exercise. Some very good fountains are also there. Some good devotional music is played in the morning so are the colorful fountains in the evening.

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You should visit the Jhalana wildlife sanctuary. It is around 24 square kilometres in size and is famous for its fifteen or so leopards. It is probably the place where you will the highest probability of spotting a leopard due to a dense population in such a small area. It is beautiful and serene, so Iam sure that you will be able to get some time to relax and enjoy.

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