Please suggest me

Please suggest me the best shop to buy Mysore silk saree in Mysore city.

Ajit asked on 2017-05-07

3 Answer(s)

The outlets available are- KSIC silk factory and Badsha stores (The silk experience since 1965). Note- The cost is a function of purity of silk and the amount of gold threading used for the borders. A cheaper variety of private retailers will sell sarees blends of silk and synthetic.

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Mysore , located in the foothills of chamundi hills which Has an area of about 152 km square . It is one of the heritage city of karnataka . Some of the best shop to buy saree from mysore are - Bdashah stores , KSIC mysore silk showroom , sukris silks estd , Karnataka siks , Karnataka sarees , vijayalakshmi expressions , the silk shops , ksic mysore silk showroom ,saanvi trnds etc..

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Once in Mysore, buying a pure Mysore silk saree is a must. You can go to any of the below mentioned places to buy one:- 1. KSIC outlets - Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC) has factory outlets located in the factory premises. This is located on the Manadawady road near NIE engg college.

Best place to buy Mysore Silk specifically would be the KSIC showrooms. 2. Garuda Mall - It is located near Central Bus station, KR Circle, Mysore . It's in the center of the city.

Recommended for buying pure silk saree. 3. Local Shops- You can find a number of shops selling these sarees in Ashoka Road, Sayyaji Rao Road, and Devaraja market. If you are not sure about the authenticity of the saree, you can check for the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC) trademark. It is a government enterprise and exclusive manufacturer of Mysore Silk. 4. Badsha Stores - The Silk Experience Since 1965. This is one store in Mysore which sells a good variety and designs of saree. Adress of this shop is Shop# 5, Vishveshwarya Bhawan K.R, Kr Circle, Mysuru (Mysore) 570001, India Hope this helped.

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