I am planning to

I am planning to visit Vadodara towards the middle of August. Any suggestions/recommendations as to what places I should visit there?

Mathew asked on 2017-05-03

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generally august is the best time to visit vadodara if someone wants to explore it in the between of the year . the minimum temperature is about 29 degree celcius and maximum temperature is about 37 degree celcius . Sometimes there is a shower or rainfall in this month. Some of the best places to visit in vadodara are - Ginger vadodra , oyo 9351 htel RVG , genX vadodra , lemon tree hotel,hotel GRG , regent inn , hotel skyulight , welcomhotel , hotel marigold , grand mercure , best western alkapuri , hotel planet , four points by Sheraton , hotel sayaji , hotel jal sagar , hotel amber , hotel crystal , 7 apple hotels pvt. Ltd . ,Hotel sri Krishna , ginger vadodra RCR , hotel alpha , effotel by sayaji , hotel express towers , hotel hilltop etc. You can also have a visit to sitapur which is one of the scdenic place.Saputra lake , step garden , lake garden and sunset point can also be visited .

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Known as the 'Milk Capital of India', Anand is quite popular for its milk production centers and dairy products. However, with its peaceful village life and archaeological monuments like Bharuch Fort and Jama Masjid, it has been a perfect picnic spot near Vadodara. Located in the wildlife sanctuary of Shoolpaneshwar, Zarwani waterfall is one of the most beautiful one-day picnic spots near Vadodara. The wildlife sanctuary has a lot to offer, including some of the endangered wildlife species and rare flora and fauna. Jambughoda Wild Life sanctuary is an amazing picnic spot around Vadodara.

The reserve is known for many wild species like wild bear, antelopes, and sloth bear. Dakor is a popular tourist attraction in Gujarat.

Mainly known for the temples of Krishna by the river Gomati, Dakor is a spiritual picnic spot near Vadodara. For the adventure park enthusiasts, Ajwa Fun world is surely a fun place to be.

A long range of exciting water activities, here, will energize you and your family. A wonderful long drive of about 100 km from Vadodara, through the dense forests, would lead you to Hathni waterfalls. Embedded with lush greenery throughout, this mesmerizing waterfall falls from about 100 m, making for a breathtaking view. An island in the beautiful river of Narmada, Kabirwad is a serene island and perfect for a one day picnic near Vadodara. Champaner and Pavagadh hills are among the most popular attractions of Vadodara and among the most enchanting tourist places near Vadodara.

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Here are some things you could do: Visit the old city area called Mandvi which is a bustling place that will remind you of the humdrum of city life. Take an auto-rickshaw to visit the place since the lanes are quite narrow and it is easier to move around.

Cover Khanderao Market building, Baroda University building, Kirti Mandir and Nyay Mandir. The Laxmi Vilas Museum and Palace is worth seeing for tourists as the museum has original paintings by Raja Ravi Verma. The remainder of the day can be spent shopping in Alkapuri where you can check out the various textile stores (Baroda Print is a good option that I would recommend). In the evening, visit Kamati Bag. The next day, plan a trip to Pavagadh and Jambughoda with stay. Accommodation will be available at the palace compound. You can check online for more information. On the third day, visit Garudeshwar (temple of Dattatray and Samadhi) as well as the Sardar Sarovar dam.

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