Bugyal allows you to plan your trip, book and share the same as your life's experience. Through Been Places, it allows you to share your life's been places as itinerary with photos.

Your Friends can see these itineraries and choose your Itinerary. thus they can seek your help while they plan theirs.

Bugyal aims to facilitate Travellers to share their life's journey with each-other thus building the know-how of a Destination. When Itinerary are shared in Been Places, it is visible to all users and this enables the other user to be aware about various aspects of the Destination.

How bugyal works?

Bugyal allows you to make Travel Plan, Itinerary, choose Attractions, Explore Nearby Places, Book Hotel, book Flight, choose Routes, see Dining options as part of planning, make Tentative plans and finalize them later. Through Been Places share your life's journey with friends, make a Dream Destination wishlist.

To login first you have to fill the signup page. After successful completion you will be able to login. IF Still you are unable to login, try resetting your password.

If you want to do login using facebook, then on login page you have to click on Login with Facebook, then facebook Login window opens, on success you will be prompted for application access permission by facebook.

Signup is possbile through Facebook access or you have to click on Bugyal signup on home page. When signup window opens you have to fill all the details. After filling all details click on signup.

To share trip blog in facebook first you have to login through facebook. Then you have to click on “share” button on the Blog page.

To like trip blog you must be logged-in through facebook. Then you have to click on facebook “like” button on the Blog page.

You need to create a Memoir in Bugyal to use the 'Frame' feature, in Dashboard select any of the photo frame of your choice and click on 'Share' button and the photo is posted in Facebook.

Trip Calculator provides the rough estimate of your Trip that you are planning for most destinations worldwide.

It gives you the cost estimate for Travel:

  • Travel cost via Bus or Train or Flight or Car from Origin to Destination.
  • Hotel Expense during the Stay for all members
  • Dining Expense considering Lunch and Dimmer for all the members
  • Local Fare start rate per km

For Dining and Flight the cost are considered per individual however for Hotel the Room considers two Adults and one child as maximum in one room. For additional children another room is considered.

We calculate the cost of more than 24 thousand destinations worldwide, however for few destinations the Dining information will not be present.

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