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About Travel Currency Calculator

World's first Travel Currency Calculator, Find how much Forex or Travel Currency to carry, You can quickly find the Traveler's cheque you require. Let you know how much you are going to spend on Food and Local Travel.

Find how much Forex you need in less than 15 secs. Letting you find the rough spending estimate other than Hotel and Flight.

In Forex calculator you need to select your destination from Autocomplete, choose no. of people accompanying you and the duration of your holiday.

The calculator will give you an estimate of how much foreign currency to carry with you.

This calculator is especially for one to know the minimum Forex one needs to carry, as some cities have major daily expense of dining, while in some lot goes in taxi etc.
Also its for those abroad trips where handling money and financial matters can be problematic. Since the currency differs in the countries, the calculator assesses the average amount of foreign currency including the basic aspects like transportation, accommodation, food and drinks, sightseeing and other activities with respect to the place you want to travel to.

The calculator however, doesn’t consider hotel and flight costs. This is because as per the Visa requirements, these have to be booked before-hand.

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