Holika Dahan  a custom practised on the eve of Holi
Holi Hai!!

This Holi don't sit at home..experience more. Pack your bags and travel to one of these places to celebrate the festival of colour in a new way.

South North East or West..Holi the festival of colours is celebrated all over the country with equal enthusiasm but in its own unique ...

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Pocketed Scarf to keep your essential things easily at hand
Say Bye Bye to Luggage!

Meg Jerrard is passionate about travelling. Being a woman, .....

Meg Jerrard is passionate about travelling. Being a woman she is used to carry a lot of stuffs even while holidaying. Needless ...

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Hidden Flavors of Pune
Hidden Flavors of Pune

The post talk about the hidden delicacies of the city which will leave you craving!

A city that is renowned for the amazing weather and work conditions Pune is one of the ideal cities in India. A peaceful town in the ...

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The popular dish of the spicy Dum Aloo
Flavours of Kashmir

Kashmir valley is famous for its scenic beauty. Nonetheless, the region is always popular for its aromatic dishes. Here are a few of those delicacies.

If there is a heaven somewhere on earth it is the land of Kashmir. If it is the joy for the lovers of nature it is also a sheer delight for the food ...

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The popular sweet dish  Gulaab Jamun
Flavours of Jodhpur

Jodhpur is one of the desert cities of Indian desert. It has certain indigenous delicacies which are being discussed here

One of the less talked about gems in India is Jodhpur which is also called the 'Land of the kings'. Be it the Mehrangarh fort or the Umaid Bhawan the city ...

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