Backwaters at Alleppey
What to visit in Alleppey

If you do not know how beautiful water bodies can get, welcome to Alleppey- the land of Backwaters, Rivers and intricate Canals.

If you do not know how beautiful water bodies can get welcome to Alleppey the land of Backwaters Rivers and intricate Canals. Alleppey is known as the ...

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What is new in Kolkata street food?
What is new in Kolkata street food?

Serve your taste buds with tangy street food while wandering through the streets of Kolkatta

Kolkata has been one of the most renowned places in India and in the world too for its foods. Street food of Kolkata is something that is going to change ...

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The ever crowded shops of Parathewali Gali
Unforgettable taste in Parathewali Gali

Delhis paranthewali gali is must visit for those who want to taste some unusual delicacies.

Delhi is the national capital of India. The city is known for its historical monuments vibrant culture political power and the delightful food that savor ...

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Dakshineshwar Kali Temple on the banks of Hooghly River
A day out in Kolkata

This post acts as a guide for people visiting Kolkata for a trip..

Kolkata the city of joy is a place located in West Bengal on the eastern part of India. It was founded by the East India Company ( By ...

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