The added feature of Front cameras has made it easier to capture a selfie
Get the Perfect Selfie with Monuments

Selfie is a new buzzmaster the art of capturing your romance with vintage monuments following these simple tricks and tips

Taking selfie is a fad today. Wherever you go whatever you do the selfie is a perfect medium to capture all the cherished memory without any external help. ...

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Pocketed Scarf to keep your essential things easily at hand
Say Bye Bye to Luggage!

Meg Jerrard is passionate about travelling. Being a woman, .....

Meg Jerrard is passionate about travelling. Being a woman she is used to carry a lot of stuffs even while holidaying. Needless ...

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Travel Budgeting Made Easy
Travel Budgeting Made Easy

How choosing destination becomes easy with complete expense at your disposal

'Once a year go someplace youave never been before.'

Travelling is the one thing every person enjoys. Whether you fancy a ...

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