Something about staying in a nice hotel is truly relaxing. Booking a hotel room seems to be a very simple task. All you have to do is to choose a destination, choose the date(s), select a hotel, confirm the booking, and boom ... you are all set. But is it really that simple? What if you are committing some blunders instead of what seems like a rather easy task?

From selecting the wrong dates to not applying the voucher code, there are numerous mistakes that we make at the time of hotel room booking. With this article, we will share with you eight mistakes that one often makes while booking a hotel room :-

1. Selecting the wrong hotel -

You visit a website to book a hotel room for a specified destination, apply filters on the basis of pricing per night, and select the cheapest hotel room which looks good and offers a handful of amenities. You instantly complete the booking. You are elated to have struck such a wonderful deal ... or so you think. When you reach the destination and enquire how to reach to the hotel, only to be left flabbergasted. The hotel where you had booked the room is nestled outside the city. Whatever money you had saved by booking that hotel instead of one situated at an easily reachable location will now be used just to get there. Not to mention the travelling time.

How to avoid the mistake - Always check the location of the hotel using Google Maps and see how far it is from the city centre. Also, check if it well connected with the rest of the city.

8 Mistakes One Often Makes While Booking a Hotel Room

2. Not comparing the rates -

You see an ad of a website which promises the highest discount on hotel rooms, so you open the website, get a good deal and finish the booking process. But did you check the hotel's price on other websites? Whether it is carelessness or excitement, people often book a hotel room without comparing its prices on other websites. Believe it or not, almost always the price of a hotel room on different website varies considerably. Many websites increase the hotel price just to give a great discount. People need to understand that great discount is not better than low pricing.

How to avoid the mistake - If you do not have the time to compare the rates on different websites, look for websites which shows multiple rates of different hotels in one window such as or These sites provide you with the lowest rate for a hotel room in your selected destination.

8 Mistakes One Often Makes While Booking a Hotel Room

3. Not checking the online reviews -

Every hotel you look for online rates itself highly. The description of their rooms makes the quoted price seem like peanuts. But are the hotels really that good? It often happens that what they had described as a king size swimming pool, turns out to be the size of a postage. What they had described as superfast Wi-Fi, turns out to be at the speed of a snail. Just remember, if something is too good to be true, in all probability, it is. The best way to find that out is to check its online reviews. Reading reviews will give you an organic insight of what the hotel has in store for you.

How to avoid the mistake - Read as many reviews of the hotel as you can. If one website does not have any review for that hotel, maybe the other websites will have. Also, check out the pictures of the hotel uploaded by the guest(s).

8 Mistakes One Often Makes While Booking a Hotel Room

4. Booking for incorrect dates -

One of the most common mistakes that people make at the time of booking a hotel room is the check-in and check-out dates. For instance, it often happens that if a person is going to fly from India to New Zealand and the flight leaves on the 5th of May. The person makes a booking at a hotel for the 5th of May. However, he forgot that the flight will land in New Zealand on the 6th of May (the time difference between the two countries is more than seven hours!). That would result in payment of one extra night.

How to avoid the mistake - Sit with your flight itinerary at the time of your hotel booking and cross check twice before making the payment.

8 Mistakes One Often Makes While Booking a Hotel Room

5. Booking too late -

Blame it on the procrastinating nature of most humans, many people tend to book hotel rooms just a few days before their scheduled check-in. One needs to understand that as the date approaches, the price tends to increase (in most cases). The same can be said about flight bookings, too. Waiting until the last moment and expecting the prices to fall is a really stupid way of booking hotel rooms.

How to avoid the mistake - In case you are unsure until the last few days, reserve a hotel room on a website such as That way, you will not have to pay upfront and you have the option of cancelling the booking.

8 Mistakes One Often Makes While Booking a Hotel Room

6. Not asking for a free upgrade -

What? Is that even possible? Are you not supposed to get what you pay for - nothing more, nothing less? Well, there are times when the hotel does not have much occupancy, they may provide you with a free upgrade. Remember, a no is what you already have; a yes is what you can get if you ask for it. Always be nice and ask with a smile. Even if they cannot provide you with a free upgrade, they might offer you something for free. Since hotels function in the hospitality sector, they constantly need to please their customers.

How to avoid the mistake - Just be confident and ask for a free upgrade ... or any special request for that matter.

8 Mistakes One Often Makes While Booking a Hotel Room

7. Not reading the guidelines -

Let us accept it; we rarely read the hotel guidelines at the time of booking a room. That is a major mistake we commit. Most of the things are stated in the guidelines (or terms and conditions itself). We tend to get so excited while booking that we often do not even check whether the price is refundable or not, whether there is a 24-hour reception desk or not, whether the hotel can provide an extra bed or not, et cetera. The little things do matter.

How to avoid the mistake - Go through the guidelines and see if there is anything that may make your stay at the hotel unpleasant.

8 Mistakes One Often Makes While Booking a Hotel Room

8. Not looking for offers and discounts -

In addition to the second point, another easily avoidable mistake is to look for offers and additional discounts which can be availed by applying certain coupon codes. Oft, one can find offers on the website itself which can help you save some money or provide you with cashback. You may also get options like 'refer and earn' which could help you pay a discounted price for your booking. There are also a bunch of websites which are solely dedicated solely to sharing coupon codes for different websites.

How to avoid the mistake - Properly check the websites for such offers which can usually be found on the homepage itself. If not, a simple search on your preferred search engine where you enquire about coupon codes may be quite useful.

8 Mistakes One Often Makes While Booking a Hotel Room