A driving license is an official document which is issued by the Transport Regulations office under the guidelines ruled out by the Government of India. This official document certifies that the holder of this license is qualified to drive any of the motor vehicles mentioned in the license. The rules and regulations laid out by the government forbid any person from driving a vehicle in public places without holding a driving license in his name.

The International Driving Permit allows the applicant to drive vehicles in foreign countries where he/she wishes to travel to. It can only be given to a person who holds a regular driving license. The International driving license can only be issued to the applicant by his own countryas Government.


The only eligibility criterion one must follow to obtain an International driving license is that the applicant must hold the driving license issued by the Government of the country to which he/she belongs to.

Procedure to apply for an International Driving License

1. Visit the RTO Office which issues the motor vehicle driving license to the area in which you reside in the office hours. The same Motor Licensing Authority will also issue the applicantas International driving license.

2. Obtain the form to apply for the International driving license and fill out the details in the form. You will also require pasting few passport size photographs on the application form.

3. After the confirmations of required documents and details, the applicant will be issued the International driving license on the same day. However, in some cases, it can take up to 3 days also.

4. The International driving license is valid for up to a year from the date when it has been issued.

Required Information to be filled

The following information has to be filled out in the application form to obtain an International driving license:

- Full Name of the Applicant who is applying for the International driving license.

- Full Fatheras Name of the Applicant

- The Applicantas Place of Birth and Country of Birth.

- The Applicantas Permanent Address/Temporary Address where he is currently residing.

- The Applicantas Date of Birth as mentioned in official documents.

- Unique Identification Marks for the Applicant.

- The Applicantas Blood Group Details.

- Details of issue of previous International driving license (if any).

Required Documents to be presented

The applicant requires presenting the following documents during the time of application of the International driving license:

- The Applicantas current Permanent Driving License with an Expiry Date of more than 1 year remaining.

- The Applicantas proof of Residence

- Latest Passport Size Photographs x5

- The Applicantas current Passport with an Expiry Date of more than 1 year remaining.

- A Valid Visa attached to the Passport of the country he wishes to travel abroad to.

- The Applicantas Proof of Citizenship.

- Medical Form 1A filled and testified by a qualified Doctor.


The Fees to apply for an International driving license is Rs 1000. Anyone holding the permanent driving license can apply for an international driving license.


The International driving license is valid for a time of up to 1 year after the date of which it is issued. You can get the driving license from the country you are travelling to.