Being a Delhiite, most of the time you can be pretty biased about the charming city. So if in this article you feel somewhere in the middle that I'm exaggerating, forgive me then. We can be both, a part of the crowd and also a person busy in self introspection, Delhi has the same quality as it is both filled with people and sometimes empty, telling the lonely tales to those who carefully listens. Its history is just wonderful; each and every corner speaks many astonishing truths about its past glory. Delhi has been ruled by some of the best emperors of India. The city is said to be as old as the epic Mahabharta. If you live here, you're constantly surprised when you start to explore slowly and if you're planning to visit here then you need a lot of time for actually traveling it. The culture of this city is as colorful as the festival Holi. It is rich and a vibrant city. Delhi is old and graceful and at the same time it is modern and promise serenity.

Due to its amazing culture and history, Delhi is always crowded, filled with people visiting the historical monuments, art galleries, museums and many more places every day. Sometimes we yearn for those places which are not so crowded and can provide you a calm and soothing environment. So here is a list of 8 such places which are yet to paid attention by everyone else and tells you different stories when you sit there quietly:

8 Less Crowded Places in Delhi

Tughlaqabad Fort

This fort is also known as the "cursed fort" of Delhi. It was built by Ghiyas- ud-din Tughlaq in 1321 who was also the founder of the Tughlaq dynasty. After he drove away the Khiljis and assumed this title, he started building a beautiful city, a city which he could call his home and which is safe from all the Mongol marauders. Now the ruins have remained which are not visited by many people every day. The fort has royal mausoleum, public halls, royal residences and secret underground passageways. It used to have around 52 entry gates but only 13 gates are left now. It is an important relic of the history of India as it marks the beginning of the significant Tughlaq dynasty. The age old legend of the so called curse still can be heard as if it happened yesterday- When the new emperor started building his dream city, he ordered that each and every labour will only focus on building his fort, this interrupted the construction of the Baoli which Nizam-ud-din Auliya wanted to build. He got bit angry and met Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq and cursed him that he will die when he is far away from Delhi in these words- "Hunuz Dilli dur ast", which eventually did happen. The fort was abandoned by the royal family in 1327 due to superstitions. Visit there and travel back in time You need approximately two hours to explore this whole place.

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8 Less Crowded Places in Delhi

Bhardwaj Lake

Very few people know about this hidden place of Delhi NCR. Situated between the Aravali hills, this place is away from the hustle bustle of the city. It is also known as Death Valley by the locals living near that area. The area was illegally mined for lime several years ago before the government finally put a ban on it. Eventually the water filled up and hence many lakes were formed. There are 8 lakes but Bhardwaj Lake is the largest one. There are two ways to go there, the best is through Anangpur which results in a short trek of 3-4 kms, you can explore the other lakes too. If you plan to visit there then visit in a pack of friends as the place is less explored and mostly empty, it is not safe if you're alone. Also, the water of the lake is not very good and the locals advise it that you should avoid the diving or anything; the view is enough to make you fill with peace. Go there, chill with friends and get lost in the beauty of it.

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8 Less Crowded Places in Delhi

Jahaz Mahal

Historians are still not sure about the purpose it served before. Some say that it was a mosque; some believes that it was the residence of a holy man and others think that it was a Serai (resting place) for the royal families or people on a pilgrimage. Jahaz Mahal which was built during the Lodhi period (1452-1526) got this name because its reflection in the water tank behind it looked like a large ship hence the name Jahaz Mahal or the Ship Palace. The beautiful U- shaped courtyard has several chambers each crowned with a dome with decorative squinches. The chatris are decorated with glazed blue tiles, well now only traces are left. It is not usually filled with people but during the month of August, a famous festival is celebrated there called the Phool Walon Ki Sair. This place used to be so enchanting that the Moorish traveller Iban Batuta was spellbound when he saw the vast water tank behind it. It is now a bit dried up but the place has not lost its charm yet.

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8 Less Crowded Places in Delhi

Majnu Ka Tilla

Delhi is truly blessed with its mix culture. Majnu ka Tilla is also known as "Mini Tibet" and is famous for the Tibetan aura. It is not over crowded and is perfect place for you to experience a whole new culture and its people. During the 1960s the place near the Yamuna bank got filled up with refugees from Tibet. Since then the place is a small colony of Tibetans who found this place and made it their home filled with beauty. Majnu ka Tilla has some of the best Tibetan restaurants and market which offers a glimpse of their rich culture. If you visit there then don't forget to visit the oldest eatery there- Dolma House which serves delicious food. Situated on the banks of Yamuna, a Gurdwara offers you a peaceful environment and the Buddhist temple there offers the same with its prayer bells, butter lamps and beautiful sculptures. Explore the whole place, try new delicacies and shop a lot.

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8 Less Crowded Places in Delhi

Bhooli Bhatiyari

This place is very interesting due to its ghost stories. It is one of the haunted places of Delhi and also the less traveled one. Some people says that they have experienced weird things and others say that this place is beautiful despite the myths. Bhooli Bhatiyari is a hunting lodge which was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 14th century. It is type of a forest and inside it the ruins of the lodge is left. On sides there are rooms used by people who have stayed there during the hunting season. The place is quiet and best for photography. Entry after 5 pm is restricted there no wonder why. The name has two assumed derivations- One is that it is the distorted version of name of a sufi saint 'Bu Ali Bakhtiyari' and the other is that a Rajasthani tribal woman lost her way and ended up here and remained here till her last breath. You cannot know for sure what this place actually is unless you visit and see it for yourself.

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8 Less Crowded Places in Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

The fort was built by Sultan Ferozshah Tughlaq in the latter half of the 14th century. It was once the 5th city of Delhi. It used to be the grand and royal citadel of the city. Many visitors and invaders of the past have described the buildings and the whole city with so much awe. The fort had pillared halls, Palace, Mosque and a Baoli which was circular and there were pulleys to the lift the water. The main complex has a pyramidal structure supporting the Ashoka Pillar which was brought from Ambala by Firoz Shah. It is also said to be haunted by the Djinns and some other spirits. The localites there bring milk and other offerings for the spirits to get their wishes fulfilled.

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8 Less Crowded Places in Delhi

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

The favourite place among the birdwatchers, Okhla Bird Sanctuary is indeed a paradise for those who love wildlife. Situated right on the Yamuna bank River between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, it is home to more than 320 bird species and beautiful plants. It is a perfect place for wildlife photography. It is quiet and is filled with the beauty of nature. It provides solace to your soul due to its innumerable birds and biodiversity. It was built around 1990 to preserve the endangered species of the birds. You can find some of the exotic birds here too like White Rumped Vulture, Indian Vulture (endangered), Sarus Crane, Grey Headed Fish Eagle and many more birds. Visit this place to escape the noise of everyday life and find comfort in the nature.

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8 Less Crowded Places in Delhi

Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb

Located in the Archeological Village complex, one of them is a mosque and other a tomb of two. Construction of this place began in 1528 and took almost a year to be completed. Jamali was a alias the famous sufi saint who lived during the pre- Mughal rule. He rose to become a very famous poet and sufi saint and travelled across Asia and the Middle East. He was also appointed as the poet in the Imperial courts of the Lodhi Empire and remained that all through the Mughal Era. His two works are famous- The Spiritual Journey of the Mystics and The sun and the Moon. When he died, he was buried inside the tomb and the walls and alcoves of the mosque and the tomb are inscribed with the verses of Koran and verses of his poems. The architecture is mesmerizing. Another tomb is of Kamali who is still unknown but was associated with Jamali. Due to being less crowded, this place is perfect for your time alone where you can enjoy the simple gracefulness of this place and hear the untold stories.

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All of these places offer you great adventures and you come one step closer to knowing the history of Delhi. Traveling is a lot simple now with the connectivity of Delhi metro. So carry all the essentials, wear comfortable clothes and explore the city like a true vagabond.

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