Kheerganga is one of the lesser explored beauties of nature located in the Parvati valley. This place gives you a chance to capture a stunning creativity of nature in your memory lane. Imagine yourself taking a bath in a hot spring, surrounded by the snow-covered the Himalayas all around. If you wish to be in such a paradise then without taking much stress, plan a trip and pack your bags to head towards the land of milky waters, The Kheerganga.

Trek to Kheerganga

Apart from the aesthetic beauty, Kheerganga has spiritual values too. It is famous for the Shiva temple and many believe that Lord Shiva has meditated for years in this land of Hot Springs. The journey also takes you to Manikaran which also has a hot spring and offers you langar to eat in the holy gurudwara situated here.

So, once you are out from the uproar of the cities, head towards the village Barshaini. The trek to natures divine beauty starts from this small village. The trek is not very easy and is tiring too. But the destination is worth the efforts. Carrying good food during the journey is essential because you need to take little meals in between because your body will thirst for it. After trekking for around 4 to 5 hours when you enter the hot sulphur springs, all you feel is calm in your bones.

Trek to Kheerganga

The initial journey takes you through the lush green vegetation, small hills, villages and levelled paths as are regularly used by the villagers. After travelling for a while taking a brunch aside a waterfall in the village Rudra Nag boosts you up to travel through the dense woods and steep slopes from which you cannot afford to slip even by chance.

During your journey you will be crossing many bridges, waterfalls, Wild Rivers and encountering an unpredictable rainfall isnt very surprising, so dont forget to carry a raincoat in your backpacks. The thunderous noise of the wild rivers would scare you but thinking of the paradise which will be encountered at the end of your trek keeps your adrenaline maintained. If you get really tired and your body asks you to take a shortcut to reach the place can turn into the biggest mistake you can ever do. Remember the shorter the more risky are the paths.

Trek to Kheerganga

Kheerganga is the most beautiful and refreshing destination for the trekkers who wish to enjoy a lifetime experience which cannot be found anywhere else. The fresh breeze that flows in the atmosphere here, the morning sun and the clear beautiful night sky are like cherries on the cake. The locals of the villages here are very friendly and you could not imagine the workout they do to provide you with food and that also in very reasonable rates. So if you want to get lost in the mesmerising, devotional and glorious creativity of nature pack you bags anytime between May to November and jump into the hands of the mother nature.

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