From visa on arrival to free transit visas, more countries are now lessening rules for Indian passport holders. Here's a list of good news that you may have not noticed in the last eight months.

1) Driving to Myanmar has become easier now as you no longer need the special land route permit. The only thing which you need to show at the check post is your e-visa which can be acquired in just 2 days.

2) Travelling to France? Now, you don't require an airport transit visa for the international zone of any airport in France.

3) Planning for a trip to Oman? Now you can easily get a tourist visa on arrival for Oman for a month, just by paying 20 Omani Riyal. Your spouse and children can collect your visa on arrival, if they are accompanied by you.

4) If planning for a trip to Uzbekistan, you just need to submit the application for single-entry e-visa, three working days prior to the journey. The duration of the e-visa would be 30 days.

5) Planning to choose Kazakh airline to visit a country? Then you must also opt for the benefits of a 72-hour transit visa for Kazakhstan that to for free of cost.

6) Investors and high-skilled professionals can now obtain a long-term, 10-year visa, as granted by UAE. Specialists in science, medicine and research, and "exceptional students" can enjoy the benefits of the same.

7) Perfect time to plan a family holiday in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is between 15 July and 15 September, as you don't need to pay the visa fees for your kids, who are below the age of 18.

8) One of the most desirable rule, which is yet to be enforced is that, you can obtain a free transit visa for two days, while transiting through Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If required, you can even extend it for four days just by paying 50 Dirham (Rs. 930).

9) Now you don't require an employment certificate and explanation letter, while applying for multi-entry visa for a short-term stay in Japan. The only documents that you require are:- visa application form (with photo) and papers to prove your financial capability (for tourism)/documents to prove your affiliation to certain enterprises (for business).

10) The B2 visa category (business, meeting or conference or tourism) of India can get the visa for Israel now just for Rs. 1,100.

11) Zimbabwe has declared the facility of visa on arrival for travellers from 28 countries. India is one of them.

12) Saudi Arabia has declared that it will issue visa to women tourists, who are aged 25 or more, even without a male attendant.