The Delhi-Chandigarh highway, one of the busiest highways, is also known as Grant Trunk Road and NH-1. The NH-1 is apparently referred to as the Foodies Highway ,probably due to the best desi food available at various dhabas throughout the highway.

Here is a list of best food providers where you can halt to stretch and relax while driving through the highway.

1. Amrik Sukhdev

Location: Murthal

Less of a dhaba, it is a tall, air-conditioned and well-maintained the restaurant. Undoubtedly, this place can be designated as the paradise of taste and; the all time rush with parking full, justify this title. It serves the travellers with sumptuous Indian as well as Chinese food, their speciality being the Amritsari kulcha and range of parathas topped with white butter. The food is lip smacking and the taste is unbeatable.


Dhabas on Chandigarh Delhi highway

2. Pahalwan Dhaba

Location: Sonipat

This is again one of the favourite food joints for vegetarian food lovers. The food here is excellent and their quick service serves as icing on the cake. Also, the place is air conditioned so, definitely the best stoppage for a short break to relax and re-energise yourself. Overall, it is a well-maintained place with appreciable hospitality and yummy food.

PC: Anil Wadghule @FLICKR

Dhabas on Chandigarh Delhi highway

3. Neelkanth Dhaba

Location: Karnal

The tagline of this dhaba says, khaoge te rakhoge yaad meaning- have food here and youll remember it forever. The slogan is apt for this place as it offers the finest food with a perfect blend of spices and flavours. The ambience is also good with multiple sections, and adjoining to it are the branded food courts like Subway and Barista.

Dhabas on Chandigarh Delhi highway

4. Pal Dhaba

Location: Chandigarh

It is one of the oldest serving dhabas on NH-1. The food it serves is tasty and has butter floating on top. The ambience is that of the typical roadside dhabas and the staff is loveable offering quick services.

PC: abhishekrai @FLICKR

Dhabas on Chandigarh Delhi highway

5. Pooran Singh Ka Vishal Dhaba

Location: Ambala

This outlet is a delight for non-vegetarians. It offers finger licking mutton curry and chicken curry. Located at the intersection of Ambala bus stand, the place offers one of the finest dining experiences aided with good staff and seating arrangements.

PC: Andrew @FLICKR

Dhabas on Chandigarh Delhi highway

6. Gulshan Dhaba

Location; Murthal

It is a small take away food joint located at Murthal. The hot selling of this joint are the yummy stuffed parathas. There is no seating so not a place for those seeking rest but yes if youre looking for something to serve your starving belly then this is the place! There is a good variety of stuffings to choose from, the gobi parathas are the best.

PC: Gulshan Dhaba Follow @FLICKR

Dhabas on Chandigarh Delhi highway

7. Jeet Dhaba

Location: Ambala

It is a vegetarian fast food restaurant located at court road, Ambala. It serves the travellers with a good range of light snacks. It is best suited for those looking for a short tea break along with some refreshments.

PC: ankush55 @FLICKR

Dhabas on Chandigarh Delhi highway

8. Zhilmil Dhaba

Location: Karnal

It is a purely vegetarian dhaba, offering lip smacking food. The service is really fast and the ambience is up to the mark. Food served is fresh, the speciality being their parathas and lassi. Overall it is a good option for dining while travelling across NH-1.

PC: Sean Carter @FLICKR

These are just a small hint of wide offers NH1 throws at you on this route. Enjoy your trip!