The Independence Day: Resurgence

Yes, that is the name of an upcoming movie. What is so special about the same that we are talking about it much before the release itself?

Prima facie, the movie projects the destruction of the world monuments after an invasion by the aliens out of some apparent blasphemy!

Independence Day: Alien Ship

The Landing gear is of the size of a city ! Such high is the aura that no monument in the world is saved from the invasion and destruction is inevitable.


Look out for the images!

The images of the sky-calamity downpouring destruction!

Independence Day: Statue of Liberty

There goes the Statue of Liberty!

Independence Day: Eiffel Tower

Oops! Even Eiffel tower is not spared.

Independence Day: Singapore

See how Singapore being ripped?

Independence Day: Bruj falling over London eye

A monument is being "outsourced" to a different nation.

Independence Day: Resurgence Big Ben

Big Ben spared? Not really!

'Independence Day: Taj Mahal in Pixel Movie

...and there goes the Taj Mahal!!!!

No, wait! What? Taj Mahal?

Yes, our very own The Taj!

But this is something that will not be shown in the movie rather Pixel movie showed it.


Simply because Indians are 'touchy'

No! This is not what I am saying but the people involved in the making of the movie commented.

The upcoming science fiction thriller is all set to demolish the world but India. The exact statement that came out is

"Well, Indians are too touchy. Keeping the sensitivities of all the religious groups and other activists in mind, the makers were asked to not shoot in India or portray any prominent monuments being damaged."

But hey! That is good for us. No?

'Touchy' Indians prevented the demolition of the cherished Taj Mahal!