Vacations are a time to spend time with family and friends. It is the time to forget about all the work and either relaxes at home, go to a trip or to meet relatives. Most people prefer to go to a beach during the vacations. This is not just a general view but Science has estimated reasons for why we are more inclined towards beach vacation and what impact it has on our mind, body and soul.

Spending vacation on a beach has a relaxing impact on our minds. We tend to forget about all the stress and sorrows. It is very uncommon to hear from a person that I experienced a bad vacation on the beach.

A Study conducted by Michigan State University suggests some of the reasons behind the impact of seas and oceans on us. He suggests that the colour blue has a tendency to decrease the level of stress. They also found that living aside a sea also improves our mental heath. If we live aside a garden or a forest, near the colour green it has no such impact.

 What is the science behind beach vacation?

Studies by Nicholas show that living inside, near or under the water makes us happier and healthy. It also increases our productivity in whatever tasks we are involved in and also enhances our abilities. Not only this but also looking at the pictures of seas and oceans has a soothing effect on our brains and we tend to get relaxed and feel happy. Our brain releases chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin which have the capacity to produce such alternations in our mood whenever we are exposed to water or the colour blue.

In order to support his findings, he suggests that the reason for such change in behaviour is due to the fact that our ancestors were from the water itself. Water present in our cells is comparable to that present in the seas and therefore we respond in such a manner when exposed to the seas. Not only this but a babyas body is made up of 75% of water and it becomes drier as they mature into adults. We also possess gills in the earlier stages of our lives. This all shows that we are strongly bonded with water.

 What is the science behind beach vacation?

If we look at a broader aspect we may think that we feel the same whenever we encounter beautiful sceneries around us. This is true but seacoast scenery wins in this race of beauty. Such beautiful sights fill us with good vibes and positive outlook towards life and its difficulties. It maintains an emotional stability and recollects all the happy memories to boost us with a more cheerful perspective towards life. Water rejuvenates a tired mind and increases our concentration and attention power.

Recapitulating everything we can conclude that if one wants to bring the happiness of life back, get a relief from stress and come back with positive vibes, a beach vacation can reward him/her with all that.

PC: Jay Berkow @FLICKR