Hiking! Trekking! Water rafting! Jungle safaris! Mountaineering! Arent these words exciting enough to give you goosebumps? India is a great place with hills, rivers, deserts, snow, wildlife and forests for all the adventure lovers seeking an escape from the busy and depressing life of the metro cities. If you are planning a trip of one such type, then you need to have a review on what we have got for you!


The Dandeli forests are famous for its wildlife. The experience of the night and early morning sound of the birds, animals and wildlife which you can experience here is much pleasant than the noise of the metro cities. The fresh morning air fills trekkers with ample excitement to encounter the thrills such as white water rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, wall climbing, etc. You can even enjoy jeep safaris and witness the black panthers, sloth bear, hornbills and yellow-footed pigeon here.

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Ladakh, India


The snow topped mountains, steep curves, freezing winds, colourful monasteries and bordered by Pakistan, China and Tibet. This isnt enough to define this creativity of nature. The Rohtang pass leads you to the kingdom of snow white. Here, you can sight beautiful white sand dunes and enjoy the two-humped camel ride. The river side, grasslands, rocky cliffs, trekking, water rafting, biking safaris, it has everything which a campaigner can dream of. Apart from this, it is a must to mention that Ladakh is indeed a land of stunning beauty.

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Kalijhora, India


Kalijhora, located on the Sikkim-Bengal highway is a beautiful camping site for the ones who want to camp aside a river. You can enjoy rafting in the river Teesta, explore the Wildlife by trekking to the Mahananda sanctuary and enjoy jungle safaris as well. If you want to enjoy peace for some time then you can even enjoy bird watching here and can take the sight along with you in your cameras.

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Jaisalmer, India


Jaisalmer is the area with heated gold all around and gives you a unique camping experience. The Rajputana culture, folk music and dance, bone fire, camel safari all give you a feeling of royalty in a camp away from the metropolitan life. The view of the sand dunes and the changing colours of the sky cannot be witnessed anywhere else. You can experience the dual climate here with burning heat during the day and chilling climate in the nights.

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Coorg, India


Coorg gives you an option to camp either on the river side, in the plantation or in the jungle. You can enjoy waterfall rappelling, mountain drives, canoeing and kayaking here. Campfire during the night can definitely increase the glory of your trip. The coffee and cardamom plantation, the paddy fields, the chirping of the birds fill the air here with freshness and delight. Some camps also provide you with telescopes to enjoy the night sky during the campaign.

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Garhwal, India


For the adventure lovers, the Garhwal at the foothills of the Himalayas offers trekking, camping and hiking activities. The cultural tours, rafting, mountain biking in the great Himalayas gives you a fascinating experience. Visiting Garhwal can be a dual trip because along with camping it is a pilgrimage filled with spirituality. It gives you wings by allowing you to enjoy paragliding in the wide sky which is definitely a memorable experience.

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