The celebration of love is a never-ending journey and what's a better way to start it at-

Someplace amazing full of breathtaking beauty to make it even grander. A honeymoon is the most special and romantic time of one's life. It is when you can be carefree and explore new places together. This special time not only makes you see the beauty outside but also in each other, roaming together hand in hand to some magical place is what everyone (people hopelessly in love) dreams of. So take out your pen and paper and jot down these amazing places. The world is full of awe-inspiring places but to name each and every place is impossible so here is a list of 12 Best Honeymoon Destinations outside India where you can experience serenity, adventure, and romance.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

1. France

The beauty of France cannot be exaggerated as it is one of the best honeymoon

destinations and attracts many tourists every year. France is best known for its delicious

cuisine, fine wines, Roman ruins, beautiful countryside and medieval architecture. From the

most popular Eiffel tower in Paris to lavender fields of Loire Valley, France has it all the lush

forests, the majestic mountains, sun-soaked coastlines, middle age ambiance and colorful

houses which all makes one fall in love with it. France has many places where you can

experience its oldest culture and art as well. It's Palace of Versailles still has the 18th

century French royalty aura which has also been a home to many of France's kings. If you

want to go back in time where art and culture were evolving rapidly and from where many

famous artists got inspired by the bewitching beauty then France is the place for you.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

2. Venice

You must have heard about Venice, the most romantic place for a honeymoon. People go there and fall in love with each other and with the city more as they slowly explore it bit by bit. There this famous quote- "Venice is eternity itself" which truly describes the aura of Venice. Best places to visit there you ask? Well, let's begin your journey with the most famous and very romantic Grand canal which is in the shape of reversed- s that divides the city into two from Santa Chiara church to San Marco Basilica, sail through the canal and get ready for a sight to behold. Then stand on The Rialto Bridge which is the oldest bridge in Venice with some takeaway food and experience love. After that, visit the Venetian Lagoon which is famous for its culture, customs, and colors. Venice is full of art to visit the galleries there and end your day at St. Mark's Sqaure watching the sunset and remembering the amazing day you just spent. Venice is for hopeless romantics so open up your cheesy side and experience everything beautiful there.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

3. Budapest

Budapest is kind of like a Disney movie. It is full of castles, palaces, Roman and Turkish ruins, roman, gothic and baroque architecture. If you're looking for a quiet place for a honeymoon and in Europe then this is an amazing place to visit. Budapest is smaller and has the perfect climate. It is a city of spas and has around 12 thermal baths which soothe your tiring body after a long traveling day. Margaret Island is beautiful and perfect for a romantic getaway. There are many famous tourist spots there where you can experience serenity. Danube River is also perfect for watching the gorgeous city in calmness. So Budapest offers a different world with less crowd, beautiful monuments and amazing food.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

4. Maldives

Maldives or paradise? Well, it's the same thing. Rich in marine life, Maldives has around 200 inhabited islands, 1,200 coral reefs and more than 1000 species of aquatic animals. Here you can have the most beautiful time of your life on white soft sand beaches with no distracting tourists, just you and your better half. What do the Maldives offer? Well, Adventure, breathtaking nature, magical islands, best seafood, best spas and massages, luxurious resorts and much more. You can experience serenity when you go for underwater sea diving or snorkeling. The famous underwater restaurant- The Ithaa is a must go restaurant where you can enjoy the delicious food and also the marine life. Vaadhoo Island is also known as the glow in the dark island as at night due to the bioluminescent plankton that becomes visible in warm coastal areas, the island glows at night which is an amazing sight to behold with your loved one. The Maldives also offers you live abroad cruises and safari boats to experience its vast marine life; you can go to a different island every day, become a vagabond and explore the enchanting islands. Male, the capital of Maldives should also be on your visit list because it is full of historical monuments and exotic culture. I think these things are enough to tempt you to add the Maldives on your wishlist.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

5. Mauritius

Mauritius is also called the tropical beauty. Imagine your honeymoon amidst crystal blue lagoons, coral islets, and unspoiled beaches. It is one of the most visited places for a honeymoon because of the things it offers. From Grand Bay to Blue Bay, from sugarcane plantations to the city centre, every place has its own charm and has its own different story to tell. The cuisine is a mix of different cultures which is bliss for your taste buds. There is a small village called Chamarel village where you can see the seven colored earth and can know for sure that heaven can be found on earth in places like these. Surprise your better half with a romantic candlelight dinner at someplace quiet and talk about life under the stars. Roam through the beautiful Botanical Garden, explore the romantic treasure on Treasure Island, and go wild and go for skydiving and you can also enjoy water sports. Mauritius is famous for being multi-ethnic and multi- lingual so you have no problem in communicating and can experience different culture everywhere. Still wondering if it's worth it? See for yourself.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

6. Thailand

Gorgeous landscapes, sandy beaches, and luxurious resorts are short glimpses of "Vegas of the East" or also known as- Thailand. You can travel almost everywhere in Thailand from Phuket to Bangkok and will find delicious food, settling life of cities, quietness, and serenity of untouched beaches, beautiful ethnicity and what not. The lives in Islands are altogether a different experience. Night parties at some secluded island (there are around 130 such islands), caves, waterfalls and rare flora and fauna. There are so many places in Thailand where you can find peace, indulge in adventure sports, and celebrate your love and collect the best memories there. Apart from memories, Thailand is best for shopping, so lose yourself and do binge shopping.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

7. Singapore

You're at Marine Bay with your loved one and standing down there, experiencing the magic of water jets, lasers and fire geysers, dancing in front of your eyes and changing colors looking just breathtaking- this is what the best light show feels like at night when you are not thinking about anything else and just taking everything in. Singapore is small and full of surprises, it won't disappoint you. Walk through the best coastal walk there at Changi Point and watch the sunset and beautiful hilltop chalets. Go and stay at The Ritz Carlton, Millenia from where you can enjoy the skyline or panoramic view of Singapore. Visit some of the best islands there like Sentosa Island and St. John's Island and enjoy the rich marine life. Sail through the Singapore River and experience all the amazing parts of Singapore like the famous Merlion and much more. It is hard to describe exactly the beauty and the magic which Singapore will offer you. Food is awesome and the charm of Singapore is mesmerizing.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

8. Malaysia

Malaysia is also the most visited places for honeymoons. It has a wonderful climate, very pocket-friendly and offers you amazing landscapes, rainforests, hills and is bliss for your adventurous spirit. Visit the dragon-shaped Island of Malaysia- Tioman Island which also has an interesting backstory. The experience there the exotic marine life, tropical jungles, mountain streams and less crowded beaches. There are many Islands where you can see the picturesque villages, mangroves and go for jungle trekking and can explore many wonders of that place with your partner. The food brings another level of satisfaction in your heart. Visit the 130 million years old virgin rainforest there, walk on the longest suspension bridge in the world and experience the adventure of a lifetime. Kuala Lumpur is one of the best places in Malaysia to experience another life apart from the life of an Island. Have an amazing date, on a quiet Island at evening and get pampered with food under the sky and try stopping the time there.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

9. Cambodia

Cambodia is quiet and less explored by people for their honeymoon. It is a rural country and that is why it is undisturbed and left with unexplored beauty. The thrill of going to some place which is hidden from the mainstream world is just too high. It is just another wonderful experience. Cambodia is full of exotic resorts offering you a small part of their culture and ethnicity. Cambodia is a peaceful experience for a honeymoon as there are many places like Yaklom Lake, Koh Pen Island, Song Saa Private Island, Koh Kong and many more which are full of fantastic beaches, Khmer architecture virgin forests and tropical fauna and fauna. Sihanoukville is known for its luxurious resorts. Angkor Wat is the magnificent temple (there are 110 temples there which were built around the 12th century) and very famous. Visit for a peaceful honeymoon where there is no one to bother you, just you and your loved one and the beauty of Cambodia to amaze you.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

10. Bali, Indonesia

Amidst of 17,000 Islands, Bali is the most visited for a honeymoon. It is famous for its towering volcanoes, lush green rice paddy fields, and dense jungles. The cuisine is mouth watering and Bali is filled with breathtaking sights. At Crystal Bay, you can go for snorkeling and see the amazing coral reefs there. If you want to visit a proper market for shopping then Ubud is the best there. What is the best way to express your love for chocolate? Go and visit the Chocolate tour at Big Tree Farm. Dive deep in Menjangan and watch the rich marine life quietly. Pamper yourself with the famous spa at Ayana Resort. So Bali is full of crystal clear waters, multi-colored coral reefs, and a rich marine life. A new adventure and new experience await you.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

11. Santorini

Santorini (also called Thira) is a beautiful small volcanic Island 120 miles southeast of mainland Greece. It is another unconventional place for a honeymoon but worth every penny. The most picturesque sight is of Oia which is located on the northern tip of the island. It is a small village of white and blue colored buildings. You can visit vineyards and Santorini is full of rooftop restaurants offering you the view and delicious food. Volcanic beaches are just another different experience and more wonderful than a mainstream beach. Sail out in the crystal clear water of Santorini and sail past red and black beaches, hot springs and much more. Go for a hike in the historic city and learn about its culture and lost in the thought how a volcanic Island survived and how the people made it more beautiful. Enjoy everything about the small wonder of a city, stay up all night to see the nightlife which is also very exciting. Visit this place for a different and unconventional honeymoon, stay at awesome resorts, roam through the city hand in hand and capture the great moments in your heart.

12 Best Honeymoon Destinations Outside India

12. Philippines

The Philippines are enchanting. It is wild, green and beautiful. It is perfect for a secluded and quiet honeymoon. Go to the Philippines because it's the most gorgeous archipelago made up of 7,000 plus Islands. What does it offer? Peaceful and amazing sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, rocks, cliffs and water sports. Visit the bewitching Bohol Island there which has white sand, turquoise waters and majestic brown mountains making picture perfect scenery. Sagada is famous for the wonderful Samaguing Cave, Echo Valley, Mt. Kite Plan and Bokong Waterfalls. The Philippines is full of surprises, rich in rare flora and fauna, this paradise is a magical escape which ignites your soul and fills it up with beauty. Explore the Island, go for an unforgettable adventure, and start your married life with a roar full of amazing experiences.