"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them"~ Elliott Erwitt

After your trip, you are sitting in your room in solitude, looking at all the pictures you have clicked during your visit and reminiscing about the amazing place, each and every photo if put together makes up your whole journey. While looking at them, you have realized that time machine is not a myth maybe; you can surely go back in time through those photos and relive them again and again. That is the beauty of a photograph, you can freeze time, and any beautiful unexpected moment is just a click away. Traveling to amazing places and seizing the moments, the colors and the landscape is how you create memories. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, you can click amazing photos via your phone or camera; you can capture the exact beauty and the colors which your eyes can capture.

A good photograph takes time, effort and practice as you see great photography is very much about the person who holds the camera and creates ways to capture the surreal world in their photos. So this time when you plan to travel some exotic or some wonderful places, keep few things in mind if you want to bring back that place with you in photographs. No one is telling you to become a professional photographer, but if you're experiencing the vastness and greatness of nature, then why not try to capture them perfectly or better at least. Here are some tips which can help you to take really good pictures.

Tips for Taking Excellent Travel Photos

Composition, Patterns and the Rule of Thirds

You can see various patterns in everything, a human brain is conditioned to see patterns as in different shapes in everything. When we understand some basic pattern and keeping them in mind clicks photos, the result is amazing. The composition is all about clicking pictures that people really want, through creating patterns, clicking a picture gets very easier and perfection is achieved. The camera should be leveled perfectly, holding a camera as still as possible is also suggested as it makes the picture less blurry, you can also use a tripod for stillness. Keeping the angles in mind from where the whole landscape is captured is a part of the composition.

The rule of thirds basically means breaking the image into three equal parts either vertically or horizontally and placing the composition into those thirds. This way you can decide, what do you want to see in a of the photo and each element is properly divided and shows a different part of the scenery. You can change the settings on your device enabling the grid option, that way you can place the landscape proportionally.

Tips for Taking Excellent Travel Photos

Like in this photo of a sunset, the shot is composed of one- a third of the sky and two- thirds of the sea. Composition makes the photo very clear to the people about what's it really about, the symmetry makes it an eye-catcher.

Tips for Taking Excellent Travel Photos

Leading Lines, Foreground, Midground and Background

The composition of a photograph makes the photo easy for a person to understand and figure out the subject and focus of the image. The use of leading lines makes the viewer see the photo first and then naturally lead their eyes to the main focus of the image or the subject of the image. These photos in short lead you to focus your eyes on the subject line in this photo, the fields slowly leads our eyes to watch the windmill at the end.

Sometimes when you click a photo, you feel like it has failed to capture the scenery which your eyes is seeing right now. That happens because the sense of scale is lost in it. Think about the different elements in the background, foreground or midground which can be used in the photo to create a good impact.

If you're traveling and you see a far-off mountain which you want to capture then look around and open up your creative sense to find out something interesting in the background, midground or the background to add more depth in your photography.

Tips for Taking Excellent Travel Photos

Focal Point and Light

Just like you get a photograph framed, the same way you can create a natural frame for your main subject in the photo. Like in this image, the main subject is the magnificent mountain and it is captured in a frame of a bent tree wood in the river nearby. So framing is all about using what's around you to "frame" the main subject you are trying to capture. Don't hesitate to stand away from your subject to get the right frame for your photograph.

Tips for Taking Excellent Travel Photos

The focal point is a way to draw the attention of the viewer to the main subject of your photograph which you want to capture. You blur out the image and leave the subject sharp and in focus.

Light matters a lot in photography, good lights pop out the landscape and soft lights are helpful in creating a calming effect. Use High Dynamic Range (HDR) for a perfect explored photo. Waking up early is beneficial if you want to shoot landscapes in the golden hour, it gives more impact to your photo or clicking pictures during the sunset is also good, it provides softer lights and long shadows. For sharp landscapes, low-light photos or self- portraits, a travel tripod is really helpful. Also, avoid the use of flash as it ruins the photos; make the most of natural light if you can.

Tips for Taking Excellent Travel Photos

Colorful Wonders

The importance of colors in photography cannot be overstated. They make you focus on the enchanting effect of different shades of dark and light colors blending together to make a perfect canvas. It is necessary to know how different colors can compliment each other or how well they look together. An easy way to know this is to refer to the color wheel. Opposite colors usually compliment each other. You don't need to look for landscapes which have even color distribution, images work best with a smaller percentage of one and a greater percentage of the other color. Keep looking for contrasting colors which can be good to represent your journey.

Tips for Taking Excellent Travel Photos

Capturing Emotions

Let your emotions run wild while you travel to some breathtaking places and capture some of the best moments in your photo so that you always remember how you felt at that exact moment when you were there. Incorporate the human element to your shots so that it resonates with the other people who are seeing your pictures. "A picture is worth a thousand words", make your memories echo for all eternity by freezing the beautiful moments in your camera.

"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world"~ Bruno Barbey

And few more tips...

If you're taking a portrait, try to shoot at eye level or elevate the subject. Avoid shooting at someone. Don't be afraid to experiment, play with reflections and symmetry. Burst mode is an awesome feature which can capture amazing moments in motion, so hold down the shutter button and it will capture 10 frames per second and wait for the magic to be created. People, who use the phone for photography, always use a photography app as it has better tools to freeze the time. Avoid zooming the photos if you're taking it from your phone as it ruins the quality, cropping the picture are still a better option. For people who will be using a professional camera, shooting in manual mode always creates some of the most beautiful pictures.

Tips for Taking Excellent Travel Photos

Before visiting the place, pre-research about the location can be very useful as you can know in advance which spots are excellent for taking some mesmerizing pictures. While traveling, don't forget to look around you through your naked eyes and not through the camera lens. Taking it all in, the beauty of nature will always be captured in your heart and it's the highest resolution picture too. Just remember these basic tips and go and collect some of the best memories.

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