The best time to make beautiful memories is the college time when you can freely travel around and fill your memory boxes. Road trips with your college gang are surely a lot of fun. One should not regret, not taking the best road trips in India and hence, here are 6 of them which you must try with your gang.

1. Manali To Leh

Manali- Leh highway is the perfect road for adventure enthusiasts. The highway is 464 km long and most of it does not have any civilisation. There are no fuel pumps as well, thus, travelling on this highway needs a proper planning. Manali-Leh provides one of the best and most thrilling road trip experiences of all times anywhere in the world. If you go via bikes, you are surely going to enjoy it more because driving on such tough terrains is once in a lifetime experience. Though quite exhausting, it is worth going and on the list of every adventure lover.

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Road trips that every college gang must consider

2. Mumbai To Goa

Mumbai to Goa is one trip that every travel lover wishes to experience at least once in his lifetime. The best part about this trip is that- Goa is just a 12 hours drive from Mumbai, via NH-4 and NH-66 Highway. December and January are the best time to visit here but if you are willing to experience the beautiful lush greeneries and less crowded beaches, you must visit the place during the monsoons. Through the mesmerising Western Ghats, you can travel to Goa- the land of beaches.

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Road trips that every college gang must consider

3. Delhi-Agra

If you are not interested in long trips and looking up for a shorter one, then driving trip from Delhi to Agra is the best option for you. The road distance from Delhi to Agra is 226 km and it just takes 4 hours to reach there, therefore, you have enough time to hang out and for making your day memorable. It is the most amazing well spent time with friends with an awesome driving experience on the newly constructed Yamuna Express Highway. On reaching Agra You can visit Agra Fort and then drive to Taj Mahal and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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Road trips that every college gang must consider

4. Guwahati to Tawang

Guwahati to Tawang is also a good option for a trip where you get to experience the peaceful beauty and serenity of nature. The distance from Guwahati to Tawang is about 500 kilometres and a car ride from Guwahati to Tawang takes about 13 hours via NH-229. Driving by the lush green highway you get to experience the beautiful views and, the company of your friends adds on to the enjoyment, making it a memorable experience.

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Road trips that every college gang must consider

5. Banglore to Munnar

Road trip from Bangalore to Munnar is the most loved experience for visitors in Kerala, offering them with the greenery, scenic views and plenty of viewpoints. Munnar is 476 Km from Bangalore which offers an amazing experience of driving because of the well-maintained roads on the NH-7. The journey is full of breathtaking views, immaculate waterfalls, windmills, hairpin bends, coconut trees and tea estates. On this trip, you would be awed by the exquisite scenic beauty on every turn of the road and the typical south Indian cuisines will make you jubilant.

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