Planning a family cruise can be pretty messy as you have to keep numerous things in your mind (especially if you're traveling for the first time), panicking few days before the trip thinking that you're probably forgetting something, checking every now and then the information about your cruise, making sure that it goes well. If you don't plan the cruise trip properly, keeping every possible detail in your mind then it can turn into your worst experience. Relax, planning your first trip is slightly hectic (but I'll try my best to make it easier for you), after that you can plan happily after, as the basics remain the same. Family cruise trips are supposed to be the ultimate quality time spent with your family, a once in a lifetime experience which surely removes your stress away and becomes a fun trip for your kids. Here are some things which should be kept in your mind if you're interested in planning a family cruise trip in future:

Family Cruise Travel Tips

Make Your Kids Happy

If you're traveling with kids, it becomes really very important that the children's program works for them. The best thing about ships are- they now focus on making the cruise as fun as possible for each and every age group. There are plenty of programs and activities which engage the kids and make their trip memorable. For instance, Disney Cruises are a wonderland for your kids, it includes- Pirates of the Caribbean might with themed menus, life-size toy story characters in a re-created Andy's room, in short, there are fun programs and various clubs for every age group, so plan to take full advantage of them. If you're traveling with younger kids, make sure that your ship has cartoon characters on board. If you're traveling with babies (most ships allow babies aged 1 year or 6 months old, so check their policy too), choose a ship with an onboard nursery. It becomes easier for you to have some grown-up time if your kids are engaged in the activities. Research about the ships properly to make sure that everything goes well in your trip. If your kids are happy, then your trip is peaceful and carefree.

Family Cruise Travel Tips

Time for some family catch up

After all, you're traveling together so look for ships with additional family activities. Having dinner together daily, enjoying a family-friendly evening entertainment strengthens the bond even more. Choose family-focused cabins and suites, size of the cruise ship also matter a lot, find that ship that works for you and your kids. Pick a family-friendly itinerary. Choose a cruise ship with plenty of pools and water play areas; they are amazing for having a family fun time. Also, check out the meal options, consider the number of local tourism boards, check museums and monuments websites and other things which might be happening in port on the day your ship is stopping there.

To pack or not to pack, that is the question!

The first thing that should be packed carefully is your identification & cruise documents, which you should keep handy as they'll e needed first as soon as you reach there.

Toiletries and all sorts of medicines (which can be required by your family most probably). Maintaining personal hygiene on the ship is important as you can easily catch germs on board. Pack a hand sanitizer too.

Walkie-Talkie is must pack as you'll probably be traveling in a large cruise ship, filled with tourists, so communication through walkie-talkies make sure that you can keep a track of your kids and all family members throughout the day. Using the internet and wifi of cruise ship should not be trusted. Sticky notes are also good to carry as you can write down a note before going out of the suite, so everyone can know where you went.

Highlighters and extra batteries. Highlighters can be used to highlight your day to day activities on the ship, making a plan every day lets you enjoy as many things as you want.

The charging points in the ships are not very efficient for too many people so carry a power strip with you (many ships don't allow these so check before you go).

Water bottles are lifesavers, day pack for shore excursions, swimsuits, change of clothes and diapers too.

Family Cruise Travel Tips

Other important things...

Getting your kids involved in planning cruise makes it easier for you to have a better trip as you can know their preferences too.

Arrive at least one day before you set sail to avoid the panicking the same day.

Family cruises can be pretty overcrowded so discuss your expectations with your kids about the do's and don'ts on the ship to make sure everyone is on the same page while traveling on a cruise ship.

Before getting on board, research the safety laws, language and also the currency of each port. Research everything related to your ports like all the famous tourist spots and everything. A well-researched trip is also stress- free and you can know where to go or when you can stay inside the ship.

Plan your trip before six or nine months, as during the peak times like the summer vacations, cruises can be expensive if you book before that. For best deals, and if you want to get your preferred cabins and suites (interconnecting cabins are better in case of big families), booking the cruise before gives you plenty of advantages.

Create a budget and make sure that you stick to it.

Plan your family cruise for at least a week, enough time allows you to be not in a hurry and you get to explore the best of everything.

Most famous and favorite cruises of all time

Disney Cruises

Disney cruises are among the best cruises for kids and grownups too. It is glamorous and all your favorite movie and cartoon characters come to life every day. It is surely a dreamy land for your kids.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

It is a freestyle cruising, known for its best programs for kids and families too. It's the newest ship- The Epic has partnered with Nickelodeon, so imagine your kid's happiness when the breakfast is being ushered by SpongeBob and Dora.

Royal Caribbean International

It is one of the largest cruise ships in the world. It has wonderful activities and the services are excellent.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Famous for its non-stop action and entertainment, it ranks high for multi-gen travel and also they have best family suites which fulfill your needs.

And now it all ends

Now that you have read all these points, relax for a while and imagine that you're experiencing the vastness of the sea, the sun is scorching high up in the sky and your mind and body are going in a trans like a mode, making you feel your existence suddenly. The journey will end soon, but you have had a great time, probably the best with your loved ones, everything went well and you're thinking to come again next year and you will because now you know how mesmerizing family cruises are and how easy it can become to plan a trip, only patience and time is required.