Nearby Driving

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi

Visit these places and rejuvenate yourselves!

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi
Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi
Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi
Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi

The monotony of daily life can sometimes wear you out, which is perfectly normal for everyone to feel. The good thing is if you're living in Delhi, then you can easily plan a quick getaway on the weekends very easily to somewhere amazing, hence restoring your peace of mind and energy. We are blessed with both worlds- the sophisticated life and hustle-bustle of a city life and a quiet place in nature's lap, so we can be wherever we want for a change. Delhi, the capital of India and also the 'Dilwaalon ki Dlli' is a mix of various cultures and ethnicity living together in harmony. Delhi is connected with almost every beautiful place, perfect for a weekend getaway. There are so many places which are not far from Delhi, but here's a list of only 10 such places(in no particular order of preference), which can fill up your soul with something new:

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi


The place where the famous Beatles visited, stayed and fell in love with it, is situated beside the Holy River Ganga. With the Ganga flowing beside it, Rishikesh is blessed with its breathtaking mountains and pleasant weather. Rishikesh is famous for adventure sports like- white river rafting, bungee jumping, flying fox, mountain biking etc. Other major attractions are- Lakshman Jhula, a 70 ft high 450 ft long hanging bridge just above the river Ganga connecting two villages. The Sangam of three rivers- Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati is sure to leave you spellbound at Triveni Ghat. Apart from these things, Rishikesh is known for yoga and meditation. Imagine you're meditating near the river Ganga, all of your stress slowly evaporating in the air, just your conscious talking to you. Visit Rishikesh for an ultimate adventure and serenity.

Distance from Delhi: 242 km via NH 334

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi


Mussoorie, also known as the "Queen of Hills" is 7,000 ft high, a colonial heritage which is filled with religious sites, lush green surroundings and colonial monuments. Standing at the top and enjoying the panoramic view is sure to leave you amazed. You will have a trip hangover when you come back from there. Lake Mist and Kempty Falls will wash away all your tiredness; you can click some amazing photos there and just chill for some time.

Distance from Delhi: 260 Km via Saharanpur - Delhi Road.

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi


Jaipur is a place to experience the grandeur of palaces, old traditions, and its charming culture. "Pink City" or the "City of Forts" is filled with the beauty which leaves you awestruck. Be it the famous Nahargarh Fort or the breathtaking Hawa- Mahal(from which the queen used to observe the outside activities in the market nearby), Jaipur will not disappoint you. It is so close to Delhi, you can enjoy a long drive, travel the whole day, watch the sunset at the Mansarovar Lake and visit the famous Chokhi Dhani to give your taste buds a treat (try the famous Rajasthani Thali there!). After that enjoy the puppet show there and end your trip with happy faces.

Distance from Delhi: 296 Km via NH 48

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi


Unexplored places are the most astonishingly gorgeous ones. Lansdowne is unspoiled and secluded which makes it the perfect weekend getaway if you just want to see some picturesque sceneries and talk about the universe with your loved ones or just need to restore your peace then add this place on your bucket list. Lansdowne is home to the cantonment of Garhwal Rifles of Indian Army. Major attractions you ask? Well, Bhulla Lake, Bhim Pakora (a short downhill trek of 2 km help you reach the amazing balancing stone that can be moved by a finger but has never been fallen. Visit the oldest church there- St. Mary's Church and also the enchanting Tadkeshwar Temple. Lansdowne is a small wonder, perfect for trekking, mountaineering, and many more things.

Distance from Delhi: 260 Km via NH 534

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi

Jim Corbett

Built in 1936, to preserve the Bengal Tiger, this national park is the most prestigious and very old too. It is a perfect destination for nature and wildlife photographers and admirers too. The finest tiger reserve, it is an awesome place to let the side of you come to its senses and get lost in the wilderness filled with a variety of flora and fauna. You can travel the park in Jeep safaris and observe the wildlife very closely. It is altogether a very different and adventurous experience. The common activities in Jim Corbett are Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Wildlife tour, and Spotting. Jim Corbett is a natural beauty with vast open grasslands and also the best site for exotic fauna.

Distance from Delhi: 246.9 Km via NH 09

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi


Nainital is the most visited hill stations of all time. It is a charming place with a pleasant climate throughout the year. Perfect for trekking, it is going to fill up your heart with breathtaking sights. Start your day at Naini Lake which is situated in the middle of Nainital, you can enjoy a boat ride. After that, you can visit the two highest peak and very popular for trekking- Naina Peak or Cheena Peak and Tiffin Point where you watch the significant Himalayas, beautiful valley and the entire Nainital. Then visit the G.B. Pant High Zoo to watch the exotic & endangered species of animals and birds. Go there and rejuvenate yourself. Soak in the beauty of Nainital, all of it.

Distance from Delhi: 301 Km via NH09

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi


There is something mystical about Shimla, maybe it's colonial style structured roads or its charming beauty which makes a personal visit this place again and again. The famous Mall road is every shopaholic's comfort place. It is a market filled with local handicrafts, shawls, woolens and many more things. It is more like a social hub now; you can also find some of the best eating joints there where you can enjoy the delicious food. If you wish to see more of nature's magic then visit Kufri, which is just 13 km away from Shimla. Take the toy train to Kalka, from that you can enjoy the scenic locations, perfect for photography. It crosses more than 100 tunnels and makes the experience much more memorable.

Distance from Delhi: 344 Km via NH05 and Jammu- Delhi Road.

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi


Want to go somewhere, any place where you can unleash your adventure spirit? In that case, Bir is perfect for you. The adventure Hub, Bir is famous for many reasons but it is more famous for hosting World Paragliding Championship every year. Fly away and have the most awesome experience. Bir is flourishing with beauty all around and is filled with Tibetan Culture. Visit the Sherab Ling Monastery, colorful Bir market, tea gardens and explore every inch of it. In short, don't think twice to add this to your wish list.

Distance From Delhi: 512 Km via NH 44

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi


Sitting at the highest peak in the laps of Himalayan ranges, watching the magnificent Nanda Devi, Nilkhant, Nanda Ghunti, Trishul and thinking how can something be this mesmerizing. Ranikhet was developed by the Britishers, it has some of the ancient temples, very cool climate and also it is the headquarters of the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army. Mountains surely do something to you; it cleanses your soul and makes you question your own existence. While you're here exploring Ranikhet, don't forget to visit the 8th century built Jhula Devi Temple, Chaubatia Orchards and Majhkhali which is an en-route to Almora that gives you breathtaking views of Sonya Peak.

Distance from Delhi: 357 Km via NH 09

Nearby Driving Getaways from Delhi


This place is a bit different from all the other places we have talked about till now. Ajmer is a heritage city situated on the slopes of Aravali mountains range. The aura of this city is filled with culture and traditions of the past as it has been ruled by many dynasties. It is rich in diverse cultures. Visit this city to get closer to the history of India. Taragarh Fort which was established by the Chauhan dynasty and is situated on top of the hill gives you a birds-eye view of Ajmer. After that, you can also visit the famous Darga Sharif (frequently visited pilgrimage site) and end your journey with lots of blessing and positivity.

Distance from Delhi: 405 Km via NH 48

Sometimes all you need is just pack your bags and get out there in the world to explore and chill for some time. Don't wait for a perfect time, these beautiful places are waiting for you where you can meet yourself and feel much closer to nature. It makes you realize that you're a part of something bigger than just you and me.

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