People often complain that travelling is complicated. Whether it is a short trip or a long one, travelling can become as simple and stress free as you want it to be. From pampering yourself at an airport lounge for a negligible cost to finding free accommodation for yourself, there are plenty of travel hacks that can make your trip budget friendly. Following is a list of 16 travel hacks which have been tried and tested on budget trips.

1. Get yourself the right credit card -

Did you know, you can have food and beverages at a number of lounges in Indian airports for just Rs. 2 (or less). Visa and MasterCard are offer credit cards which will allow you to have access to a number of domestic and international airports in India. In case of a Visa Corporate Card, Visa Infinite Card, or a Visa Signature Card, it will cost you just Rs. 2. In case of any MasterCard credit card, your card will provide you access to a lot more airport lounges for Rs. 25 (the entire amount will be reimbursed). To know more about the two card offers, click below:



16 Travel Hacks for a Budget-friendly Trip

2. Distribute your money -

One of the best money related tip out there is given by Warren Buffet, who said, "Never put all your money in the same basket." The same should be applied when travelling as well. Split your money and hide them at different places. For starters, think of keeping some inside your fresh socks or sandwich some between your phone and its back cover. Just refrain from keeping all your money in your wallet. Pickpockets will eye your wallet or purse before anything else.

3. Use (mobile app) -

Travellers do not always have the access to internet. When it comes to offline navigation, there are quite a few apps in the market available for free. While Google Maps is the most popular choice for GPS navigation, it is not the best one. is way more accurate than Google maps, especially when it comes to navigation through a remote location (think of a trekking trail) with or without internet connectivity. Just download the map of the state or the country and you would be set.

4. Carry a jar of Nutella or some chocolates -

Nutella has saved me from the horrors of starvation time and again. Every time I feel hungry, but do not have access to food, Nutella comes to my rescue. High in energy, Nutella, or any chocolate (which is high in carbohydrates) for that matter, can provide instant gratification from hunger. It also helps if you are a vegetarian, and do not have access to vegetarian food.

5. Essentials go in your carry-on baggage -

All your important things such as documents, earphones, camera, wallet, snacks, et cetera, should be kept inside your carry-on baggage and not your check-in luggage. Not only does it remove the risk of getting damaged, but also becomes easily accessible when you get bored during the long flight or while waiting at the airport. Having said that, do not stuff your carry-on baggage with excess items.

6. Keep copies of all your documents -

Speaking of documents, keep at least one extra copy of your documents such as your passport, ID card, flight ticket, et cetera. We have the tendency of keeping all the copies at one place. But to minimize the risk of losing all at once, keep a picture of all your documents on your phone. Better if you can scan them and email the attachments to yourself. Another advantage is that in case of a non-official requirement, you will not have to take the trouble of taking out your original documents.

7. Buy a unique luggage tag -

To avoid luggage confusion, gift your luggage a unique tag. It will save you from the trouble of confusion in case of identical luggage. The hack also works in case of lost luggage, provided you have your name and address at the back of your tag. Also, it makes your luggage look cool.

Bonus tip: Paste a 'fragile' sticker on your check-in luggage, and your luggage will receive VIP treatment by the airline personnel.

16 Travel Hacks for a Budget-friendly Trip

8. Get out of your comfort zone -

One of the worst experiences whilst travelling is to stay in your comfort zone. It defeats the purpose one of the vital reasons for travelling - to come back with loads of memories. If you stay in your comfort zone, there would hardly be any scope for adventure or serendipity. Travel in a bus instead of a car, camp in the wild, visit a place during the off season, or simply travel on a low budget. You will be surprised how amazing this world is.

16 Travel Hacks for a Budget-friendly Trip

9. Ask for a free upgrade -

Whether it is for a seat on a plane or a hotel room, ask for a free upgrade. In most cases, you will get a polite no in return, but in some cases, especially during the off season, you may get a yes. Remember, a no is what you have by default; a yes is what you can get if you ask.

16 Travel Hacks for a Budget-friendly Trip

10. Carry a carabiner and a lock -

One of the best hacks for solo travellers is to carry a carabiner and a lock. But why? Because when you are waiting for the bus at the depot and there is sudden urge to use the loo, you would not want to carry your bags inside; or when you take an overnight train, you would want to sleep peacefully without having the trouble of keeping an eye on your bags. In such scenarios, lock your bags with something that cannot be stolen easily using a carabiner and a lock.

11. Roll your clothes -

The debate whether to fold your clothes or roll your clothes has been around for decades. However, if you ask me, rolling your clothes will save you quite a bit of space, thereby allowing you to travel with a smaller luggage. It also keeps wrinkles on your clothes to the minimum. There is a reason why military officers and personnel are required to roll their clothes while packing.

16 Travel Hacks for a Budget-friendly Trip

12. Rise and start early -

Whether you want to see the museum, visit the historical site, or just any point of interest, arrive early. If it opens at, say, 10:00 hours, be there by 10:00 hours and you will stand a chance to beat the queue - the more popular the site is, the longer the queue would be. In all probability, it would not be crowded at the opening hour and you may also receive special treatment by the officials.

13. Carry a helmet -

I have saved over a thousand rupees while travelling, courtesy - hitchhiking. While hitchhiking deserves a point of its own on this list, it is not as beneficial as this one. Carrying a helmet would allow you to hitchhike on a bike as a pillion rider. Whether or not it is mentioned in the rulebook of that particular place, wearing a helmet is a must whilst riding a bike for your own safety.

14. Ask for a discount -

This one is my most favourite hack. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I always ask for a discount. Fortunately, I have been lucky more often than not. Whether it is for street shopping, for renting a Surfboard, or for enrolling yourself to a Scuba Diving course, ask for a discount. Be confident and ask politely. If it still does not convince you, read hack #9, again.

16 Travel Hacks for a Budget-friendly Trip

15. Travel light -

The golden rule of travelling is to travel light. Not enough can be stressed upon the importance of this simple travel hack. However, it is extremely rare to see someone implement it. The more stuff you carry, the more problem you face. Travelling should be fun, not stressful. Ditch that 70 litre rucksack; you do not need it, even if your trip is going to last for months. Invest on light weight stuff, and your back will thank you for the rest of your life. Even if you are carrying a suitcase, follow this hack. You will not have access to an elevator everywhere.

16 Travel Hacks for a Budget-friendly Trip

16. Couchsurfing -

Couchsurfing is no less than a blessing for budget travellers. It is a travel based social networking website, based on a simple idea of allowing free accommodation for travellers and is a great opportunity to meet & greet with someone from a completely different culture. A traveller can request a local person (who is a part of the Couchsurfing community) for accommodation. If the host agrees, the traveller can stay with the host for the mutually agreed duration.

16 Travel Hacks for a Budget-friendly Trip

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