Life can be as jovial, beautiful, and precious as one wants it to be (under normal circumstances). Come to think of it, countries are no different. Having evaluated more than 150 countries, the World Happiness Report has listed all the countries based on its happiness quotient. Before we reveal the name of the top eight happiest countries in the world that you should visit, ask yourself this question - "What does happiness mean to me?" Once you have the answer to this question, it shall help you relate better to this article.

Note - This article does not feature the top eight countries in the World Happiness Report rankings. It features top-ranked countries that you should visit.

Following is the list -

1. Switzerland -

Switzerland comes to our mind when we think of scrumptious chocolates, designer watches, or stunning ice-capped mountains, but there is so much more to this heavenly European country. The old buildings, antique statues, and the people of the country reflect happiness. On average, the people of Switzerland are way more smart, rich, and cool-headed than people of other countries on the planet. Their healthcare system is one of the best in the world. The fact that the International Red Cross is based in Geneva is not a mere coincidence. The country has not been a part of any war in the past 170 years (as of 2017). The warmth that the visitors get from the country is ineffable. The lakes, the villages, the skiing resorts, the breathtakingly beautiful serene across the country, the cheese factories, and the safety are some of the reasons why so many people enjoy visiting this gorgeous country. The best time to visit Norway is during the period starting from September to October.

2. Norway -

Firmly sitting in the pole position, Norway would feature in most travelers' bucket list even if it could not find a place at the top of the 'Happiest Countries' rankings. It is, after all, the gorgeous country in Europe (perhaps even in the world). The Scandinavian country is renowned all over the world for its natural beauty in the form of fjords, Auroras Borealis (Northern Lights), frozen glaciers, and rough terrains. From healthcare to education, the government takes care of everything. The Land of Midnight Sun is said to be the birthplace of Skiing. Whether you are a citizen of the country or not, the Allemannsrett Law followed by the country allows any person to pitch a tent on any uncultivated land (utmark) within the entire country. Pretty cool, eh? The best time to visit Norway is during the period starting from May to July.

Happiest Countries in The World You Should Visit

3. The Netherlands -

Strictly speaking, The Netherlands are ranked on the same spot as Canada - sixth - in the 'Happiest Countries' rankings. But the reason why The Netherlands made it to this list but Canada did not is because the former offers more variety and is more easily accessible from India. The country's Gross Domestic Product and the Life Expectancy of its citizens are very high, but there is so much more than The Netherlands has to offer to the people of this world. The country's canal system is well laid out that it has been listed in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Rent a cycle and go perambulating around the country. You will find a company in other cycles. It has the grandest flower gardens and the most antique windmills in the whole wide world. Also, The Netherlands does not have enough prisoners, as a result, they have already shut down many of its prisons. It is easily my most favorite destination on this list. The best time to visit The Netherlands is during the months of April, September, October, and November.

Happiest Countries in The World You Should Visit

4. Denmark -

If you think that Britishers are the most respectful and well-mannered people, you have to meet Danish people. Formerly ranked one on the list, Denmark continues to give a tough competition to Norway, ranked just one spot above. The 850-year-old capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is pretty much free from any kind of pollution (especially air pollution and noise pollution); all thanks to the initiatives by the country's government to promote cycling. From the exotic coastline of the pristine Baltic Sea to the surreal landscapes of the countryside, Denmark can make any visitor happy. The citizens of the country are extremely warming and will welcome you with open arms. The best time to visit Denmark is during the period from June to August. It is summer season in Denmark, and the entire country blooms with happiness and warmth.

Happiest Countries in The World You Should Visit

5. Iceland -

Contrary to the popular belief, Iceland is not a part of Greenland. Unlike what the name suggests, Iceland is not full of ice. In fact, it has the gorgeous plain on the planet. Like most Scandinavian countries, Iceland is another ethereal country that features on the list of top ten happiest countries in the world. The country is an ideal destination for someone looking for cultural history or adventure. It is said that at every turn you take in Iceland, you will come across something that will blow away your mind. From glaciers to waterfalls, rainbows to Auroras Borealis, Iceland has a bevy of nature's gifts to attract people from across the world. The best time to visit Norway is during the period starting from June to August.

Located in the western part of Iceland, this small hill of Kirkjufell is one of the most popular places of interest in Iceland.

6. Finland -

Finland is similar to Iceland in many ways. It is more like the sibling to Iceland. Often referred as 'The Land of Thousand Lakes', Finland is a paradise for people who like to live life on the edge. Offering a bunch of activities, such as Skiing, Paragliding, Snowboarding, Dog-sledging, et cetera, Finland draws visitors from all over the world and entice them to stay there for as long as possible. In 2017, the nation celebrates its 100th Independence Day, and to mark the occasion, its 40th National Park is going to be inaugurated. The understand the epitome of this country's happiness level, you should know that Santa Claus comes from Finland. Also, as per the World Health Organization, Finland has the cleanest air in the whole wide world. The best time to visit Finland is during the period starting from May to July.

Happiest Countries in The World You Should Visit

7. Bhutan -

Calmly nestled between China and India, Bhutan is one of the most underrated travel destinations on the planet. Albeit it does not even feature amongst the topmost happy countries in the world, its growth in terms of happiness cannot be avoided. The Dragon Kingdom is such a badass country that it does not even believe in Gross National Product. Instead, it focuses on GNH - Gross National Happiness. The county does not even excel in healthcare and defense. However, the people of the country are extremely with what they have. The air is as pure as it can be, and the king of Bhutan works with the people. The citizens as well the government values the rich history and culture of the country, and are doing everything in order to preserve it for their future generations. The best time to visit Bhutan is from the period of March to May and from November to December.

Happiest Countries in The World You Should Visit

8. New Zealand -

Ranked just one spot above Australia, New Zealand is a much more deserving candidate to have featured on this list. Compiled from two main islands and a bevy of smaller ones, New Zealand, although much smaller than Australia in size, offers a lot more to its visitors. From ethereal beaches to majestic mountains, subtropical forests to exotic fjords, hot springs to stunning glaciers, and serene green pastures to active volcanoes, New Zealand was rightly chosen to be the filming location for The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Life expectancy is high and the GDP is growing at a pretty steady rate. The happy country welcomes visitors with an open heart. The country is much safer for visitors than any other country in the Southern Hemisphere. The unique wildlife and the bunch of adrenaline pumping activities it has in store only make it a much-desired travel destination. The best time to visit New Zealand is from the period of February to April.

Happiest Countries in The World You Should Visit

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