Considered to be one of the most gifted island nation, New Zealand has all that it takes to be your ultimate adventure destination. Bugyal brings 20 of the many reasons for you to be in New Zealand in the upcoming vacations!

1) Explore the 'depth' of sky with Skydiving in Queenstown

Skydiving in Queenstown

Reasons, why skydiving is different here from anywhere else in the world, is in the geography of the islands itself. A beautiful panoramic view of the ocean and the landmass are once in a life adventure. Home to many dive schools, you can visit them and enjoy your share of life!

2) Skiing by the lakeside, down the mountains at the lake Wanaka

Skiing at lake Wanaka

One of the largest skiing areas in the world, Treble cone is the ideal skiing destination. You are flown to the top of the mountain and from there, it is just you and your skill as you explore the virgin snow in the powdered form.

3) Jet Boating- dreams come alive here at the Queenstown

Jet Boating at the Queenstown

One of the best adventures that promise to expose the power of the water to you! New Zealand river, situated close to the iconic Huka Falls, you are allowed to spin 360 degrees in your boat on this amazing shot over the river rapids.

4) Bungee jumping

Kawarau Bungy site

If you have done it before somewhere else, you still can never afford to lose this in any case! You can take your leap of faith at three different locations. They are the Kawarau Bungy site, top of the Nevis or even the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

5) Dive and explore the marines

Promising a sheer delight to your eyes and soul, diving at the North and Bay of Islands deserves being stricken from down the bucket list. You get to scuba dive in one of the world's top dive sites, Poor Knight Islands marine reserve.

6) Black water rafting

Hamilton-Waikato limestone caves

The name itself is thrilling, no? The black water rafting is a reality at the Labyrinth, Hamilton-Waikato limestone caves. Best part? Millions of the glowworms will join you in this adventure.

7) Roll down a hillside

Zorbing at Rotorua hillside in Ogo

Take your life on a new roll as you spin down the Rotorua hillside in Ogo. What makes it different? The insane transparent plastic ball that can reach the speed as high as 50 kph over the land and the water.

Zorbing at Rotorua hillside in Ogo

8) Let us paddle?

Cycling in Queenstown
Cycling in Queenstown
Cycling in Queenstown

Cycling along the mountains of the Queenstown is every travellers dream. Thank the ever expanding cycling network of New Zealand that you

9) Swimming

Sounds ordinary, no? Wait! What if I say swim with the dolphins? Exciting, no? That is the beauty of this island country. New Zealand has many places which have seas and the mountains standing next to each other. Kaikoura, one such place, offers you this opportunity to jump and swim not just with the dolphins but the complete marine life.

10) Stroll by the edge of the 'height'

The height here is the landmark Auckland Sky Tower. Situated right in the heart of the city, you can legally walk on the edge of the tower, 192m above the sky! If this does not thrills you, you can be thrown down too! WHAT? Chill! With ropes and expert supervision, of course.

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