Himachal is a paradise for the city people who are in search for peace and serenity and wish to spend at least some time away from their busy schedules of work. Keeping this in mind, we introduce you to the 6 beautiful and perfect holiday destinations in the Himachal.

Himalayan villages of Himachal Pradesh Malana


It is a small ancient village, located in the Parvati valley by the side of River Malana. This beautiful green village is also known as the VILLAGE OF TABOOS. It has its own lifestyle and culture and is a TOUCH ME NOT village where the visitors are not allowed to touch anything while taking a tour into the village. With several ancient temples like the Jamlu Temple, Rukmani Temple, the place is marked with religious values also. It is well known for its hash production. With great aesthetic values, it is a must to visit place for the tourists.

PC: Dannis M. Steshensko @ flickr

Himalayan villages of Himachal Pradesh Tosh


Tosh, a village located at an end of Himachal, in the Parvati Valley. The village is surrounded by snow covered peaks all around. The locals here are friendly enough if they could feel that you are a one, among them. This place provides you with ultimate rawness in every aspect, be it the houses, food or people over here. This place gives you a relief from the hectic life of the cities and helps you to feel the eternal peace.

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Himalayan villages of Himachal Pradesh Barot


Barot is a gateway to the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary across the Uhl Lake, a home to the monal, black bears and ghoral. This is the place with a diversion dam. It has the remains of the summer palaces of the rulers of Mandi. It has three artificial lakes enhancing the magnificent beauty of this place. Providing tourists with scenic beauty and cheap accommodation facilities makes this place a hub of tourist.

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Himalayan villages of Himachal Pradesh Batseri


It is a medium-sized village located in the Kinnaur district on the bank of Baspa River. It has many hidden treasures for the tourists to capture in their cameras. The Badrinarayan temple in this village is an excellent example of traditional architecture with huge wooden doors. Most uncommon about this village is its cleanliness, which is beyond the expectations. Apart from scenic beauty, it is a place to buy handicrafts, handmade shawls and Kinnauri caps for tourists.With an amazing landscape, it is situated near Shimla, Mussoorie and other cities. It is a must to visit place while a tour in Himachal.

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Himalayan villages of Himachal Pradesh Dharamkot


Dharamkot, a small village near McLeodganj is an excellent place for trekking lovers. It has cafes for the tourists who get tired in their long journey to the place. One can spot various meditation points at this place and rocks painted with Buddhist messages on them. To enjoy with friends, you can definitely visit the Bhagsu waterfalls here. It also has various temples and Ayurveda clinics. This little place directly takes you in the hands of nature and gives you the feeling of serenity.

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Himalayan villages of Himachal Pradesh Kalpa


It is one of the biggest and beautiful villages of Kinnaur valleys. Surrounded by snow covered mountains, this village gives a magical experience to the tourists. The view of the river Sutlej from this village gives you a paradise view. It is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the apple orchards and definitely have one. It is an untouched beauty of nature and to reach here is a tiring task for travellers. It has pathways within the woods and gives you an escape from the citys busy schedule.

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