1) Toledo, Naples, Italy

Taking you to the stars through the milky way passage!

Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya and Park Pobedy, Moscow, Russia2) Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya and Park Pobedy, Moscow, Russia

Always the leaders, Russia.

Radhuset Station, Stockholm, Sweden3) Radhuset Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Seems like a red-dead walk, no?

Avtovo, St Petersburg, Russia4) Avtovo, St Petersburg, Russia

I am telling you, Russia and Russians never disappoint

Formosa Boulevard ,Kaohsiung, Taiwan5) Formosa Boulevard ,Kaohsiung, Taiwan

...and Taiwan joins the list!

Kungstradgarden , Stockholm, Sweden6) Kungstradgarden , Stockholm, Sweden

You thought Sweden is done? Well, no!

City Hall Station, New York, USA7) City Hall Station, New York, USA

Any field USA lacks behind in?

T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden8) T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm metro has to be appreciated for the commendable job! Here comes the third on the list.

Olaias, Lissbon, Portugal9) Olaias, Lissbon, Portugal

Say Hi to the Portugal

Stadion Station, Stockholm, Sweden10) Stadion Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is breathtaking! I am going there soon just for this.

Slavyansky Bulvar, Moscow, Russia11) Slavyansky Bulvar, Moscow, Russia

Tough competition by Russia, eh?

Nizami station, Baku, Azerbaijan12) Nizami station, Baku, Azerbaijan

Last but not the least!