WELL !! WELL !! WELL !! Its the time of summer, and summer is a time of vacations. We all wait for holidays to arrive to have a trip with family during summer vacation as its a time of holiday that's Enjoyment time. But its not as easy as we say, it needs a long planning with a long and great budget. Budget for travel, expenditure and even a great plan else the holidays is like a boring Giant. And for all this it take time with a saving and the most money. As money is the god for all things. As looking for best deals online is the best option, and with it we need all other stuff as like breakfast included in room rates, meal with a great serving..

As, the kids got to know there holidays are near there excited for the trip in on heights and the whole stress on parents. So, the planning starts and the checking too. As, one of my friend was planning for a vacation trip he was just sharing his experience about all things and i was shocking hearing it. It was like he said, me he was stressed and was looking around all sites in internet he used many websites and was looking his budget to get fit on it. He founded many sites offering great deals to him but still he was bit nervous because he was thinking to put this money on right trip as it was his annual savings and its not easy stuff to save money in this fast forward high rate world.But at least he founded, a site where he was saving his money not like 30% but at least 3/4 of it. And we human being get happy by this too..

But still the satisfaction never ends.... he thought to have a look at flight rates too as this will be a new thing to travel and all will be happy if the tickets are in his budget. But you know what, he was shocked and after hearing that even i was. he looked for some airline sites and putted there its travelling details and later on the result arrived was 20% of his budget was just going in flight travelling.. Isn't that's shocking some airline were providing cheap rates because of vacation month. He was happy and without thinking a second he booked his ticket.

Well !! yes we stay in a technology generation were things has became easy with a reasonable rates so that doesn't shows any difference to beg a agent and die in line for booking....

so, enjoy the trip because everything is possible in this universe now,,,,,,,,