Always wondered when is the best time to purchase Flight tickets?

A lot of people ask this question. Have you ever wondered if there are a magical number of days before a flight when the ticket prices are at their lowest, too? Doesn’t it spark a curiosity in you when sometimes the flight tickets are super expensive even when there are empty seats and sometimes you just come across the cheapest flight! Well, according to science, math, and the data collected over the years there are a few magical numbers depending on your destination.

Well has collated data from approx 3 Million itineraries to find the best period for Flight booking, yes not the closest to your Journey as you thought earlier. As per the data collected by various airlines in 2017, airfares of flights from almost 3 million trips, the fare tend to stay close to their lowest price for up to five weeks. You read that absolutely right. Travelling by air is becoming cheaper throughout the world. Having said that, if you are getting a good price for your desired destination, book it. If you wait for it get even lower, you’ll miss the chance to get the best deal out of it as flight’s numbers fluctuates rapidly depending on many factors such as demand and supply. Waiting for the price to drop further is often considered a stupid mistake - an unforced error. As dates move closer the choices are gone and price tends to go higher. What is $75 above the lowest price in Golden window soon becomes $100 and starts to go higher.

If you’re looking for domestic flights then the cheapest tickets can be booked 3 months before you’re planned visit. And for international flights, booking 5 or 6 months prior your visit is the perfect time. You can see many fluctuations in case of domestic flights but in international flights, booking advance is the best option and every market is different too.

While booking early is the best bet, booking too early is not. Research suggests that, in general, the window between 29 to 58 days is when the ticket price will hit its lowest. Data collected by Make My Trip tells us that only 18% of the bookings are made during this period.

The worst time, however, to buy airline tickets is on the day before the departure. Interestingly, it is also the most popular day of buying a flight ticket. People think that the airline will decrease the price if there are empty seats. That seldom happens. Do not believe me? Look for a flight ticket to any destination and compare it with the next month’s price to the same destination. Chances are, it would be more expensive for tomorrow’s flight. However, if there is a case of emergency and you have to go to some place within a week, you can take the risk of booking on the penultimate day.

According to the data collected by airfare search engine, Skyscanner, a vast percentage of people buy their tickets during the sales period, which usually comes during the low season of the year. Surprisingly, this is regarded as the worst window for buying air tickets if you are flying to Europe, North America, and Australia.

The logic is simple - if the demand is high, tickets prices will shoot up even higher, if the demand is low then the prices will be low too. So, people still make this mistake- they book their tickets during the peak season such as holidays or during the weekends which are obviously expensive. So if you don’t get the stats about booking the flight tickets before n number of days or n number of weeks, you can just book the tickets during the off season. For example, if you want to travel to say Goa, then you know that the best time to visit is from November till February, however December last week it is the peak season when fares are highest and you will get all the expensive deals but if you book few weeks either prior or later you still get 10-15 percent lesser fare, this further reduces if you are booking 3 months in advance for start of the peak season or end of the peak season i.e. for November or January, which is the moderate visited time of the year, you’ll get amazing deals! The trick is to just book early. The cherry in topping here is you are getting less rush and better deals by Hotel too.

Now, if you have come across the best price on one website, don’t forget to compare it on other websites to get the best deal for your destination. There are so many offers all around the year during the low demand time; you can always keep in check if you travel often.

Coming to the magical number, it is believed that, on average, buying air tickets 67 days or 53 days prior to the departure is when you are more likely to pay the lowest price. Based on the last year’s stats, the best time to book flight in a year is January, which obviously depends on your destination and time of travel. The best time to book a flight is said to be before 8 am and avoid booking it during the night. Now you have both- the magic numbers and the basic off and on season thing, hope it helps you to choose the best and the cheapest flight on your next travel destination.