Is Traveling your passion? Are you a frequent traveler? Do you always long for budget-friendly travel? A lot of planning is required for a vacation, especially in terms of the destination and the accommodation. The hotel must be affordable and must provide the premium services as it adds a lot of difference to the entire trip. Here are few travel hacks to save money on your hotel room:

Travel hacks to save money on your hotel room

Stay away from extra charges:

If you do not ask for services, you wouldnat get it. Check the website online to read the reviews and the services they provide. Ask for complimentary breakfast from the hotel management and you might save few bucks. Of course, you can try the nearby cafes, but, the hotel food will be more authentic and quality oriented. You can also ask for complimentary gym services, luggage storage room, shuttle services and so on.

Travel hacks to save money on your hotel room

Plan ahead:

Last-minute hotel booking is always expensive. If you can schedule your trip 6 months in advance, you are sure to be benefited. There are several deals that can be bagged at a cheaper price. There are websites that offer early bird discounts. You can also book the tickets online and grab the complimentary stay. The Tourism industry and the hotel industry goes hand-in-hand.

Travel hacks to save money on your hotel room

Get in early on sales:

The hotel industry equally offers sales and discounts to their customers. If you are planning your trip during the off-season, you are sure to get your hotel rooms much cheaper than you would have got during the season time. Also, there are the anniversary and festive discounts. If you are going in a group you can claim for the group discount. Needless to say, there are certain hotels that give the corporate discount as well. Show your visiting card and there you go with a certain discount amount.

Travel hacks to save money on your hotel room


There are many hotels and clubs that operates on the membership basis. There are several perks for the members that include cheaper room rentals, weekend discounts, complimentary breakfast, complimentary stay, pool services, spa services and so on. The star restaurant has multiple chains and the members can opt for any of the location. There are loyalty schemes for the business travelers. If you are frequently on travel, it is better to opt for memberships as they are economical when compared to individual bookings.

An alternative accommodation:

Yes, you do not have to check-in the hotels every time you travel. If exploring is your motto and you have a budget constraint, how about compromising on certain aspects. There are other modes of accommodation as well. There are cottages and hostels that can provide you safe and comfortable accommodation. The generator hostels are the luxurious and stylish hotels that can be chosen as an alternate to the hotel rooms. If you are planning to stay for a longer duration, you can always go with service apartments.

If you want to live a life, there cannot be anything better that traveling and exploring the world. Plan you trip in advance, a tie-up with hotels, carry a map and create the memories.

Happy traveling!