Kolkata has been one of the most renowned places in India and in the world too for its foods. Street food of Kolkata is something that is going to change your taste totally. It is the most delicious among all the foods and they will remind you again and again about the city. For the fame of the city in the local fast foods aka snacks, it is the interest of the travelers to know the variety of street foods that are new here.

The traditional street foods

Panipuri and different Bhelpuri foods are traditionally found on the street and there are thousands of people, who opt for those. The shops on the street side for the snacks and the fast food, like chow and cutlets are best seen on the road side and if you are aware, then you must know that they have grown to huge numbers in the last decade.

Modern food parlors

Following are the areas where the new fast food corners are growing fast in Kolkata Street:

  • The India connection with China extends in food too. Momo supply is one of the most amazing start ups in the recent times in the Kolkata streets.
  • Other food supply in and around Kolkata are there and they are the south Indian dishes. You will love the foods and it is important to share that you will love the different spicy tastes in them, like the crispy fritters or pakoras and the sambhar.
  • Another important inclusion in the market has been the less oily foods like that of the pastas and the sandwiches.
  • The pricing in those areas are excellently less and that is a great gift for the food lovers. The most enhanced support is not even the price, but the spice in them. All the foods are superbly spicy.
  • The moghlai foods, like biriyanis and tandoors are pao bhaji or the Baras are increasing randomly in the street side of Kolkata.
  • Benfish and butterfry from them are excellent in taste and they are available in vans. They are made from the sea fish and really tasty.
  • Jhal Moori looks like bhelpuri but tastes very different from it. You must try authentic taste of this mustard aromatic snack when in Kolkatta.
Apart from all these the traditional Foochka and Spicy Masala snacks are there sold like hot cakes all over Kolkata streets. In fact, the street side foods in Kolkata are so hot and are mixed with such delicacy and chilly support that you will prefer them more than that of the food stuff from the well known restaurants. Street side sweets are also increasing at random, and the delicate sweets from the suburbs are making entry in the Kolkata streets. So you can taste them all, directly from the capital of Bengal. No need to get to the interiors. Once you taste them, you will visit the city again and again, just to change your taste.