Food is definitely something more than just survival. Each country in the world has its own unique food traditions. These traditions probably arose out of, historic or cultural trends followed in the respective Nation. Countries around the globe celebrate the joy of eating in the form of colourful king sized festivals.

Heres a list of most incredible and joyous food festivals worth attending!

Ivrea Luckyrice Festival, Newyork

1) Ivrea Luckyrice Festival, Newyork

This festival for the first time was celebrated in the year 2009, sponsored by high profile chefs, since then the inception has continued to grow and gain more events and more attendees. It shines a spotlight to the wide diversity of food cultures across the Asian continent. Culinary famous from all the countries are presented, chefs organise free cookery classes and the traditional music adds life to the event!

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Orange Festival, Italy

2) Orange Festival, Italy

It is one of the oldest and most spectacular celebrations it the World. The celebration involves the formation of 9 combat teams who throw oranges at each other. The carnival lasts three days, with its remarkable beginning on Sunday and ending on Tuesday, with a solemn funeral. Traditionally, to end the carnival the General says, arvedse a giobia a n bot, meaning- well see each other on Thursday at one, referring to the Thursday the carnival will start the next year. People from all around the globe visit the city to sight the magnificence of the eve every year.

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Maine Lobster Food Festival, USA

3) Maine Lobster Food Festival, USA

This festival is being celebrated since 1947 in order to revive the summer activities that were observed by Camden, prior to the war years. The venture which as an idea for the local marine festival has now turned into an internationally recognised celebration of local seafood. It is a five-day festival of fun and feasting on the beautiful coast of Maine and takes place annually during the first week of August. Visitors from countries throughout Asia and Europe attend the festival to enjoy the exclusively unique and yummy seafood from the coast of Maine.

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Chocolate Festival, London

4) Chocolate Festival, London

This is probably the perfect destination for chocolate lovers throughout the World! It is celebrated biannually for three days each. The chocolate lovers get to experience sample artisan creations, from mouth watering chocolate cakes to the exotic chocolate chilli at dozens of stalls. Free tasting sessions with cookery demonstrations by well-known chocolate bakers are major attractions for the visitors.

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International Mango Festival, New Delhi

5) International Mango Festival, New Delhi

To give a fresh and juicy start to the summers in India, and is being celebrated annually since 1987. It is a two-day long festival where mango lovers embark on a journey of fun and frolic. The traditional varieties of mango along with new hybrid varieties are displayed by the growers and vendors from the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana. They showcase the specialities of the KING FRUIT and sell the various delicacies of this fruit including pickles, jams and squashes. ALSO, professional chefs assist people with some of the best mango based recipes.

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Mistura Food Festival, South America

6) Mistura Food Festival, South America

It is the largest food festival in South America bursting with flavours and exotic ingredients. This is a unique ten-day celebration taking place annually in Lima The culinary capital of America. During the festival specialities from all regions of the country are artistically showcased. The gastronomic fair is attended by the Worlds most famous chefs. In Peru, food is exalted, the chefs are celebrities and Mistura is indeed the perfect way to celebrate the countrys pride- FOOD.

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La-Tomatina, Spain

7) La-Tomatina, Spain

The most entertaining annual festival is held in the Valencian town of Bunol , situated in the East of Spain. On the day festival day, participating people throw squashed tomatoes at each other, the fun-filled fights last for an hour after which the entire town square gets messed up in the red tint. The capacity of the festival is regulated as a measure to check the number of people attending and guarantee fun for all attendees.

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Alba White Truffle Fest, Thailand

8) Alba White Truffle Fest, Italy

Italy hosts the worlds largest Truffle fair in the month of October. It welcomes international chefs and travellers to taste their aromatic and exclusive white truffle. Wine plays a key role in the festive fun and the visitors are handed with a glass of wine at the entrance itself. From perfect hosting, drink to food, Alba knows well how to celebrate the joy of eating!

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Oktoberfest, Germany

9) Oktoberfest, Germany

Oktober fest also known as Germany beer and wine fest is celebrated annually in the German town of Munich. It is a sixteen-day long folk festival with it's beginning in late September and extending up to mid of October. It is the World's largest Volksfest and includes the beer manufactured with the town of Munich only. The celebration includes parades, food, music, wines and beers. Annually millions of people attend this festival filled with fun.

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