India, the land of spices offer different kinds of food across the world. No longer you have to be in China to try the noodles or in Turkey to get those kebabs. India offers some of the best appetizers and street foods that are just not filling, but also delicious to hog on. And guess what? If you are a foodie, you can try out the regional cuisines where the aroma of spices will fill your nostrils and the taste of the street food will serve your stomach. Here are some top must try street foods of different India cities:

Top must try street foods of different Indian cities

Chole Bhature:

Talk about street foods and Delhi rules the chart. One can find several food stalls on the roadside which serves delicious and quality oriented snacks. Chole Bhature is a Punjabi cuisine, but it is highly popular in Delhi. You will enjoy Chole Bhature irrespective of the seasons and time. And do not miss to try Rajma chawal, aloo parathas, and chaats if you are in Delhi.

Top must try street foods of different Indian cities


Which city strikes your mind when you think about this snack? Of course, Indore in Madhya Pradesh offers delicious samosas, chaats, lapsi, bafla and namkeens. The one that is a must try out is the combo of Poha-Jalebi which is served with sev and nukti.

Top must try street foods of different Indian cities

Bhel puri:

Kolkata is just not known for samosas and puchkas, but also Jhal Moori or rather Bhel puri. You will find several hawkers that serves the best Jhal Moori. The puffed rice is mixed with mustard oil, salt chili powder, chopped onions, tomato, potato and sweet chat. If you love spicy food, this mouth-watering snack will leave you craving for more and more.

Top must try street foods of different Indian cities

Mirchi Bajji

Ask any Hyderabadi about their favorite snacks and mirchi bhajji would top their list. The green chilli is sliced in the mid and is stuffed with ample fillings that would just not make it spicy alone, but also irresistible for the taste buds. These green chillies are battered and deep fried.

Litti Choka:

The signature snack of Bihar is said to be Litti Choka and the mere sight of choka will leave you tempting. The litti is made with sattu which is the grinded grams and choka has potatoes, brinjal, and tomatoes. Try it with Ghee and the hot littis will make your evening.

Akki Roti:

Bangalore is the hub of Akki roti which is made from rice flour and is said to be healthy. Served with coconut chutney, akki roti is a great snack for Bangaloreans.

Top must try street foods of different Indian cities

Idli Sambhar:

Yes, it is the commonly found breakfast in the entire south region, but you will love the idli sambhar in Chennai. Also order for vadas and a glass of filter coffee.

Be it the masala dosa of South or parathas of North, India has been successful in catering to various taste buds. The snacks like aloo chaat, papdi chaat, masala papad, dhokla, bondas, pav bhaji, chola bhatura and so on are an all time favourite. You can try out different restaurants as well. You also have certain appetisers which can be tried out on the seasonal basis.