If you are a travel freak, then would not you like to try a tourist destination which is unique? Wonat you like to make your neighbours and friends jealous with your latest Facebook updates, posing at some distant land the name of which is hard to guess? Well, don't worry, I am not asking you to land upon the worldas most mysterious Bermuda triangle. Neither am I asking you to pop inside the suspicious dome of hypothetical Chesteras Mill featured in famous American series Under the Domea. But, there is something very unique yet safe which you can try- Port Tourism.

Surprised? Then I must tell you that both you and I are sailing on the same boat. This idea is as new to me as it is for you. So why not explore this?

Stretched along its coastal line, Mother India has a plethora of beautiful ports. The nine coastal states dwell on all major and minor ports of India. Port Blair of Andaman and those of Mumbai, Kandla and Goa are quite popular. Try something refreshing and new on your next trip. I bet this would definitely add more adventure to your new plan. So here goes the list:

1. Cochin Port

I was lucky enough to visit this port every year during my summer holidays. If you are mesmerised by the magnificent structure of huge ships then you must visit the place Nearby Marine drive and Mattancherry Palace. There are some other sites situated here that you canat afford to miss watching.

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Port vacations in India

2. Tuticorin Port

If you are a pearl lover, then choose this port. Situated in Pearl City Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, the port is unique for its pearl fishery activity. Donot miss visiting places of worship like Our Lady of Snow Basilica church, and the famous rock cut temple of Kalugumalaia.

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Port vacations in India

3. Vizag Port

Popular for being Indiaas largest seaport and oldest shipyard, the port was in the news recently for similar concerns that you have. In order to attract more tourists, the port trust has decided to show nearby beautiful locations to the travellers in a cruiser. For this, it is allocated a sum of Rs. 300 crore. So, more to come for you in this port.

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Port vacations in India

4. Haldia Port

Based near Hooghly river in West Bengal, the port is also a base of Indian Coast Guard and a hub for major national and international cargos carrying oil, chemicals and petrochemicals.

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Port vacations in India

5. Paradip Port

Enjoy watching convergence of Mahanadi into the Bay of Bengal here. International ships, fishing base and long marine drive connecting to the traditional local market add uniqueness to this port.

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I know you cannot resist your soul unravelling into this new world of vast sea, ships and sunset. So, why not pack your bags? Also, you will become a proud contributor to these ports economy. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to upkeep the cleanliness at these coastal beauties.