There are many art which describe there culture there belief and are trend of the city. Among all them, one is PATTACHITRA ART. Pattachitra art is a traditional painting of Odisha, India. These paintings are based on Hindu Mythology. This paintings are made from natural colours and are fully made in traditional way. Its one of the oldest art form of Odisha its around more than thousand years ago old tradition. This paintings are inspired by Jagannath and Vaishnava sect. its resemble the old murals of Odisha especially religious centre region from 5th century BC.

Its theme and style are centred by Jagannatha and Vaishnava sect. The main ami of pattachitra is it describe the mythology, religious stories as well as folk lore in it.they also paint individual painting of god and goddess. And the style is mixture of folk and classical elements. It influence Mughal dress style.

The painting are made with bold and clean lines with angular and sharp designs. It shows no landscape, perspective and distant views, it ony shows close juxtaposition.It's background on which the figures are represented, is delinated with decorations of flowers and mostly painted in red colour.

There also one one more pattachitra made on palm leaf knowns as Palm leaf pattachitra and in Oriya language its known as Tala pattachitra . Thie painting in palm leaf are made by black ink mostly to attract the designs.

As the art is the way to express many things and the pattachitra art express there culture in many ways..