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Adventure drives through the 9 majestic ghats of Maharashtra

Maharashtra, the beholder of the beauty of Western Ghats over a wide stretch. Driving along the Ghats is an experience in itself!

Adventure drives through the 9 majestic ghats of Maharashtra
Adventure drives through the 9 majestic ghats of Maharashtra

The hunger for new experiences of any admirer of nature is sufficient to tempt him to go to the Ghats and if the roads are a passion as well, it is a sheer joy. Mountain Ghats are similar to mountain passes. The awe-inspiring and grand roads through the magnificent mountains, deep valleys and risky edge. For this situation, a pleasure trip through the Ghats is a standout amongst the most significant experience for any individual, synchronising with the frequency. Those enticing mountains and the wonderful valleys, the striking valleys and the natural air encompassing you, sounds welcoming, isn’t it?

To enable decipher the beauty, here we bring to you an adventurous drive through the 9 Majestic Ghats of Maharashtra

1) Kashedi Ghat

The spectacular Kashedi Ghat with vicious bends is located close Poladpur in the Raigad area on NH 17. It is the national expressway on the banks of the stream Savitri. It is by the quality of this horrendous turn on Mumbai-Goa highway, this is additionally a standout amongst the most hazardous Ghats in Maharashtra. Facilitated by the Western Ghats, the other majestic passes goes along the same are the Wayanad Ghats. Other mountain ghats are Nane Ghat, Shendurjana Ghat and Mahur Ghats. Western Ghats have such huge numbers of other majestic mountain passes that goes all through its states, for example, Wayanad Ghats.


Mumbai to Kashedi Ghat – 203 km (4 hr 25 min)

Pune to Kashedi Ghat – 147 km (4hr 3min)

2) Bhor Ghat

The corridor like road of the Bhor Ghat is settled in Maharashtra along the well-fabricated Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Situated between the Karjat and Khandala sub towns, this Ghat is very much prestigious among the travellers and local people for the grand magnificent beauty it offers during the Monsoons. The wonderful cascades, lakes and the flawless green woods are the sights worth visiting! Another reality that makes this spot astounding is the railway tracks crossing 28 tunnels here. It is viewed as one of the busiest road and rail passes in India.


Mumbai to Bhor Ghat – 77 km (1 hr 41 min)

Pune to Bhor Ghat – 71 km (1hr 28min)

Adventure drives through the 9 majestic ghats of Maharashtra
Amba Ghat
Amba Ghat

3) Amba Ghat

The high slopes mountain pass is located on NH 204 among Ratnagiri and Kolhapur.Amba Ghat. It is considered as the gem in the Sahyadri mountain range of the Maharashtra and what makes it noticeable are the enchanting mountain panoramic views, moderate climate and everything that is required to spend an ideal weekend. If you carry a fervour for the daring sports, Amba Ghat has created as a paragliding site.


Mumbai to Amba Ghat – 385 km (7 hr 4 min)

Pune to Amba Ghat – 243 km (4hr 44min)

Adventure drives through the 9 majestic ghats of Maharashtra
The Kumbharli Ghat
The Kumbharli Ghat

4) The Kumbharli Ghat

Interfacing the Konkan zone of the coastal Ratnagiri to the Satara District, Kumbharli Ghat is arranged in the range of the Western Ghats. The pleasure trips during monsoons will take you to the Koyna Dam, a bricks and concrete dam on the waterway Koyna. A noteworthy mountain pass of the region, this place is exposed to overwhelming traffic. Ensure you make a savvy arrangement before hitting the ground! Well known Koyna Dam is arranged at the eastern end of Kumbharli Ghat mountain pass.


Mumbai to Kumbharli Ghat – 278 km (6hr 37 min)

Pune to Kumbharli Ghat – 213 km (4hr 34min)

5) Malshej Ghat

The glorious Malshej Ghat situated in the Western Ghats extend in Pune area of Maharashtra. A wide scope of the greenery, unpleasant slopes and the curvaceous roads is the real beauty characterizing the Malshej Ghat. Malshej Ghat is a crown of the Western Ghats range! If you happen to be a bird watcher, at that point this is likewise a home to the transient feathered creatures or migratory birds! Each year, a few quails, cuckoo, flamingos visit the Malshej Ghat.


Mumbai to Malshej Ghat – 127 km (4hr 25 min)

Pune to Malshej Ghat – 138 km (3hr 13min)

6) Chorla Ghat

Adding to the pride of the magnificent Western Ghats, the Chorla Ghat is situated in the Sahyadri hill slopes at the conjunction of the outskirts of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is renowned over the world for the biodiversity district and as a home to various uncommon wildlife species. You can generally opt for jungle treks, hikes and day's climb here.


Mumbai to Chorla Ghat – 541 km 9hr 33 min)

Pune to Chorla Ghat – 398 km (7hr 16 min)

7) Tamahini Ghat

The risky cum delightful Tamhini Ghat is situated close to Pune and near Lonavala, surroundings by the Mulshi Dam and general beauties. Tamhini Ghat offers a standout amongst the best nature’s destination and an amazing monsoon weekend getaway around the city.


Mumbai to Tamahini Ghat – 143 km (3hr 42 min)

Pune to Tamahini Ghat – 53 km (1hr 52min)

8) Kasara Ghat

The mountain pass is located close to the Kasara town on the bustling Mumbai-Nashik course in the Western Ghats. Kasara Ghat is one the four noteworthy route to Mumbai and a standout amongst the best Ghat road journey to Mumbai.


Mumbai to Kasara Ghat – 108 km (2hr 4min)

Pune to Kasara Ghat – 235km (4hr 26min)

9) Amboli Ghat

The peaceful hill-slope lies in the Sahyadri Mountain range of great Western Ghats, close Sawantwadi, Maharashtra. Amboli Ghat is a standout amongst the most excellent mountain ghat in India and a well-known hill station. It gets heavy rainfall and encompassed by thick forests, cascading waterfalls and astounding backdrops of nature.


Mumbai to Amboli Ghat – 201 km (4hr 53min)

Pune to Amboli Ghat – 170 km (5hr 7min)


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